Red Hot Chili Peppers Lyrics

Someone spilled blood many years ago
Someone spilled blood but do you know
That from the backwoods where the Chuck Berry's grow
Come your long tall daddies of a rock and roll

Take me to your backwoods now
Take me to your backwoods now

Spinning' down from the clouds Like a tornado
Spinnin' out of control like a psychedelic soul
With a rhythm hittin' harder than Larry Holmes
Come your long tall daddies of rock and roll

Take me to your backwoods now
Take me to your backwoods now
Take me to your backwoods now
Take me to your backwoods now (yeah)

Oh well Mr. Uplift Mofo my man Bo Diddley hit sippin' a bottle of nickle ripple
Play the lickity split finger licking licks for all you wicked city slick chicks

And all you nitty gritty hick we'll make your nipples ripple
Make you wanna dip your dipple make you wanna soak your hickory stick, that's rigth
Because my man has a grip on it and I do mean on it
Which brings to mind a very sinister minister kind of guy
A man named Little Richard who was born to make them bitches stir
That's right he'll make the sweet substance drip from the middle of your hillbilly lips
And like the farmer milk his cow the howling wolf will howl
And since times does allow, you all can take me to your backwoods now, yo slim

(Take me to your backwoods now) take me to your backwoods

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Comments from YouTube:

Joe Peters

Best song with Hillel on guitar.

Strawberry Station

For real! When John took on the mantle for Mother's Milk, this song always springs to mind as a blueprint for the sound of that album. Listen to this and then Stone Cold Bush, and the progression is there. What a shame Hillel was lost at his prime, but what a legacy Uplift Mofo Party Plan is. <3

Míster Funke

Dedicated to the south where came "the Granddaddys of Rock n Roll (Bo Didley, Howlin Wolf, Little Richard..).

Frankgmail Campos


federico B

how many here after Little's Richard's passing? R.I.P. daddy of rock'n'roll

Niall Stewart

Just coincidentally, I'm afraid to say.

Diego Lores



This sounds like the predecessor to One Hot Minute

Yel Ler

Not really this song is way too much clean funky...

One hot minute was a master work of funk metal rather, both albums were classy though

Fred Blair

If this song comes on I jump and do a funky dance, no matter where I am or who's around. I have no control over this.

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