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No Chump Love Sucker
by Red Hot Chili Peppers

She's a witch
A bonafide bore
What's more - she snores
And that is a fact
Cow eyes lie
Yes it's time to resist
How did I ever
Get into this
How could I ever
Have kissed that bitch
So what if she's
Got big tits

She's the kinda girl
Who changes her mind really quick
She's the kinda girl who
Won't just let things sit

She came like a cat
Like a cat to cat nap
She came in my lap
With her womanly hips
When I first met her
I came unglued
I played the part of
A blue blooded fool
I'm through with your sewage
I'm through with your trash
I always knew that I'd
Get the last laugh

She's the kinda girl
Who changes her mind really quick
She's the kinda girl who
Won't just let things sit

Like two trains on one track
Bound for a crash
Two red white and blues we were
Destined to clash
I can't fix the future
I can't change the past
Like fly by night news
We were not meant to last
I'm through with your bluefish
I'm through with your gash
I'm through being screwed with by
You and your wack attack

Jump back for chump love
You won't be back for cover
But no no no no
I'm no chump love sucker
No chump love sucker

No chump love sucker

I thought that your love
Was a matter of fact
But I lost my pride
When I realized that
The smack in my bag
And my baseball bat
Was all you were after
Boys "you dirty rat"
She's a bitch and a brat
And a living disaster
She thought she was fast
But I was faster

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19 when this came out. Pepperhead since.

Jeramiah McDonald

That’s so cool. I wish I was alive then.

Michael Kennedy

God Bless Hillel Slovak

Yogi Spinoza

Hillel and Jack.

Marcus Maginness


1. Uplift Mofo Party Plan
2. One Hot Minute
3. Blood Sugar Sex Magik
4. Freaky Styley
5. RHCP (self titled)

Empress Negative

Yes! Those albums you mentioned are the best! But it's kinda sad that their old songs and funk punk energy in their performances will never be seen again 💔

Nick R O'Philiac

Always thought the lyrics were a bit juvenile on this one, even at 18 when I first heard it (-"big tits"??) Still, that's who they were at this point. Greater maturity and a more reflective attitude followed. Would this have still been the case had Hillel lived and the virtuoso Frusciante had not been there to steer things in a gentler direction, I wonder...?

LU Escbr

Este tema no tiene mas power solo porque es imposible. Es tan genial!!!.

Ollie Wales

Wow, what a severely underrated song

I love fnaf

This is my favorite RHCP album!

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