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I am a man cut from the know
Rarely do friends come and then go
She was a girl, soft but estranged
We were the two, our lives rearranged

Feeling so good that day
A feeling of love that day
Twisting and turning, your feelings are burning
You're breaking the girl
(She meant you no harm)
Think you're so clever
But now you must sever
You're breaking the girl
(He loves no one else)

Raised by my dad, girl of the day
He was my man, that was the way
She was the girl, left alone
Feeling the need to make me her home

I don't know what, when or why
The twilight of love had arrived

Twisting and turning
Your feelings are burning
You're breaking the girl
(She meant you no harm)
Think you're so clever
But now you must sever
You're breaking the girl
(He loves no one else)

Twisting and turning
Your feelings are burning
You're breaking the girl
(She meant you no harm)
Think you're so clever
But now you must sever

You're breaking the girl
(He loves no one else)

Overall Meaning

In "Breaking the Girl", Red Hot Chili Peppers explore the complexities of relationships, particularly those that have gone sour. The song's lyrics describe two individuals who found solace in each other, but whose bond ultimately broke apart. The song's opening verse introduces the male protagonist who has few friends and has been "cut from the know," or excluded from deeper human connections. The following line introduces the female protagonist, who is "soft but estranged," suggesting that she is emotionally vulnerable but also disconnected from others. The couple comes together and their lives become "rearranged," but the lyrics do not explain how or why.

In the second verse, the focus shifts to the couple's past, and we learn that the male protagonist was raised by his father while he was involved with other women (including the female protagonist). This suggests that he may have learned to view relationships in a transactional way or that he may have a pattern of not committing fully. The female protagonist is described as being "left alone" and "feeling the need to make [him] her home," which implies that she was seeking security and stability.

As the song progresses, the repeated chorus becomes increasingly ominous, with lyrics like "you're breaking the girl" and "now you must sever." The woman, who "meant [him] no harm," is blamed for the breakdown of the relationship, and the man insists that he "loves no one else." The repetition of the chorus, combined with the increasingly harsh lyrics, suggests that the male protagonist is trying to distance himself emotionally from the relationship or blame the woman for its failure.

Overall, "Breaking the Girl" is a song about two people whose relationship fell apart due to a lack of emotional intimacy and accountability. The male protagonist, in particular, struggles to connect with others and may view relationships as disposable or transactional. The woman, meanwhile, is portrayed as being emotionally vulnerable but ultimately blamed for the relationship's failure.

Line by Line Meaning

I am a man
I am someone who is experienced and knowledgeable about life.

Cut from the know
I have had experiences that most people have not had and therefore have knowledge and insight that most people do not possess.

Rarely do friends
I seldom have true friends.

Come and then go
When I do make friends, they often leave my life as quickly as they entered.

She was a girl
The subject of this song is a girl who the artist had a relationship with.

Soft but estranged
She was gentle and kind, but also distant and disconnected from others.

We were the two
The singer and the girl in question were a couple.

Our lives rearranged
They changed their lives in order to be together and make their relationship work.

Feeling so good that day
Both the artist and the girl were feeling happy and content that day.

A feeling of love that day
The artist and the girl were experiencing love on that particular day.

Twisting and turning
The singer is describing the turmoil and uncertainty caused by the girl's emotional instability.

Your feelings are burning
The girl's emotions are intense and overwhelming.

You're breaking the girl
The girl's emotional instability is causing damage to their relationship.

She meant you no harm
Despite her emotional instability, the girl did not intend to hurt the singer or their relationship.

Think you're so clever
The singer is addressing the girl, accusing her of being arrogant and manipulative.

But now you must sever
The artist is telling the girl that she must end their relationship.

He loves no one else
The artist is conveying that he is devoted exclusively to the girl and no one else.

Raised by my dad
The singer was primarily raised by his father.

Girl of the day
The girl the singer is singing about was the most important person in his life at that time.

He was my man
The artist had a close and possibly romantic relationship with his father.

That was the way
The relationship between the artist and his father was a defining characteristic of his life.

Left alone
The girl in the song was abandoned and alone.

Feeling the need
The girl had a strong emotional desire for companionship and love.

To make me her home
The girl saw the artist as someone who could fulfill her emotional needs and provide her with a sense of belonging.

I don't know what, when or why
The singer is unsure of how or why their love has faded.

The twilight of love had arrived
Their love has reached its end.

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Written by: Michael Balzary, John Anthony Frusciante, Anthony Kiedis, Chad Smith

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


Did you know that three of the guys in RHCP have been arrested or convicted of sex crimes, and Anthony Keidis is a child rapist according to his autobiography but was never charged?  UPI ARCHIVES APRIL 3, 1990

Singer Anthony Kiedis convicted of sexual battery, indecent exposure

FAIRFAX, Va. -- The lead singer of the rock group Red Hot Chili Peppers was convicted Tuesday of sexual battery and indecent exposure after a concert in suburban Washington, D.C.

Anthony Kiedis, 27, of Los Angeles, was accused of touching a woman's face with his penis after a concert at George Mason University in Fairfax County on April 21, 1989.

The woman, a student at GMU who served on the university's program board, said the incident occurred outside the band's dressing room after the concert.

Circuit Court jurors recommended that Kiedis be fined $1,000 on each charge. He could have received up to 60 days in jail.

Judge Michael McWeeny set sentencing for Friday. Under Virginia law, McWeeny can impose the jury's recommendation or reduce it, but he cannot increase it.

The Circuit Court trial was an appeal of a ruling by a lower court judge, who found Kiedis guilty of both charges and sentenced him to 60 days in jail.

Kiedis denied ever touching the woman but others said they saw the incident and a band member admitted he made an encouraging statement.

Fans of the rock band, whose music is described as 'white funk,' packed the courtroom during the two days of testimony.

The band's latest album, 'Mother's Milk,' includes the hit songs 'Knock Me Down,' and a remake of the Stevie Wonder tune 'Higher Ground.'



March 17, 1990

Shirish Date Of The Sentinel Staff


True to their name, the Red Hot Chili Peppers were hot - so hot that they trashed their stage, then jumped into the crowd to manhandle a bikini-clad woman during an MTV taping on the beach.

Police weren't amused.

Neither was MTV, which threw the band off the set. And neither was the 20-year-old Virginia woman, who filed charges against two band members.

Defenders of the Red Hot Chili Peppers say Wednesday afternoon's episode at an MTV taping was just part of its image, which sometimes includes taking the stage wearing nothing more than strategically placed socks or diapers.

Maybe. But early Friday morning, the Volusia County Beach Rangers decided that arresting bass guitarist Flea and drummer Chad Smith and charging them with lascivious behavior, battery and disorderly conduct were part of the rangers' image.

"I'm not going to put up with it," said Ranger Chief Jon Kirvan, hours after arresting half the band's members about 1 a.m. Friday after a concert at the Marriott Hotel. "That could be your daughter."

Wednesday's melee took place during MTV's taping for its Club MTV dance program. The band was lip-syncing the song "Knock Me Down" when Flea - whose real name is Michael Balzary - started banging his bass guitar against Chad Smith's drum kit, according to police, who seemed to have a tough time making sense of the punk band's show.

"At the end of a set, the band members started jumping around on stage, pushing microphones to the stage floor, swinging instruments around, knocking over the drums and making a comment about the police that was not fully heard by this writer," wrote Daytona police Sgt. Robert Grim.

"One of the band members with a shaved-type head with a multicolored bush of hair centered on top of his head picked up a white female victim, placing her over his shoulders," Grim wrote.

Smith joined Flea, and pulled the woman's bathing suit bottom partially off and started slapping her buttocks, according to Beach Ranger Guy Grasso's report.

At that point, the woman fell to the sand, only to have Flea kneel atop her, start grabbing at her, and demand that she perform oral sex on him, Grasso's report said.

MTV security pulled Flea off and escorted him and Smith off property of the Texan Motel, MTV's base during spring break.

Kirvan said his officers talked to the woman Thursday and got arrest warrants Thursday night from Circuit Judge Robert Miller.

"Last night after their performance - if you want to call it that - we served the warrants and arrested them," Kirvan said. "If somebody assaults somebody, we're going to do something."

Flea, 26, was charged with battery, disorderly conduct and solicitation to commit an unnatural and lascivious act and released on $2,000 bail. Smith, 28, was charged with battery and released on $1,000 bail. All the charges are misdemeanors.

Neither Flea nor Smith could be reached for comment Friday.

The woman declined comment.

This band had charges in 3 states in 1996 for sex crimes against women employed to work at their concerts ( It was on MTV America News)==

All comments from YouTube:


On this day in 1992, the music video for "Breaking The Girl" was released. Directed by Stéphane Sednaoui. Click below to watch.

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