Teatro Jam
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Southern Fried Funky Monk

How could this have so few comments? There's my contribution. On my scene, on my scene....Know what I mean? Oh on mah scene....


the short version starts at 4:41



Manuel Etchart

Tremolo AF :)

Joe Foster

It's a shame they allowed Anthony to howl all over this. I would have enjoyed it a lot more without. Regardless, still a blinding jam and this demo tape is making me rethink whether BSSM was the peak of RHCP

Claudia Varela

Ha Te you still come back to these songs

Mariano Vettorazzi

I think that there is not a peak perse. For me bssm was the moment they got everything together, from there they only went up until I´m with you

Kristian Nørregaard

Yeahh...Some of his vocals doesn't work, definitely. But some of it is actually not half bad. Personally i love the eerie squiky sound he makes at 5:12 for example. It leads the whole groove back nicely

...But like someone pointed out, it's still just a jam...;)

Tomas Pompei

Joe Foster hey man... it's a jam!

Ha Te

In terms of energy I think Mother's Milk was the peak, in terms of creativity Blood Sugar Sex Magik was the peak.. Californication was so remarkable because John had limited guitar skills and health, and they were all coming together not know what the hell was gonna happen, would it even work again?.. and from Californication to By The Way to Stadium Arcadium they (most importantly John) gained strength and grew tighter and more creative as a band.. I love Californication because it is RAW music and talent and I love By The Way and Stadium Arcadium becuase there is more skill and musically advanced aspects such as more harmonies and more complex solos etc .. for me every John Frusciante album was brilliant, just had something different about it that made it brilliant .. I find it hard to decode on favourites/bests .. but my list is 1. By The Way 2. Mother's Milk 3. Blood Sugar Sex Magik 4. Teatro Sessions/Californication 5. Stadium Arcadium .. but it hurts to put Stadium in 5th place .. but i love the Teatro sessions so much and the Raw elements of the music

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