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by Ric Veda

my heart had spoken

within all things unbroken

and i fly to tunisia

left a while within ya

come around

come sun seven times

i walk to the endless line

of this currency time

and my own vision love

my actions risen up

comin forth to celebrate the sound

so where is this freedom??

commence and i'll become

come around come around it child

i love it tomorrow, and i will see it

2 reactions will follow

i know the sunday morning calls with

the beckoning fall of all the

ancient's lies

beyond this i don't know where we come to where we go

so carefully so carefully

i walk towards the bedroom door

cause i got some questions for you

when i said when i come back to say

"what if i can't, what if i am not into it

what are my hands what are my hands if nothing to it

what am i so near and easy, love? i'm not so fond of being easy, love"

hearts and my ancient love in

my permanent run-ins with the ageless love

beyond what they tell you

it's not such an event, my love

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