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24 Preludes Op. 11: Prelude No. 2 in A Minor
Rudolf Kehrer Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Jodi Spacek

my absolute favourite prelude

James Alden

There's hardly anyone who could pen a prelude like Scriabin, who has done a most wonderful thing in paying homage to Chopin; that Chopin would be greatly pleased…Thank You...


Chopin on steroids!

jinho namgung

very beautiful! melancolia...

Fyzah Al-Husainy

this is far to slow. I am finding versions of this being played so slowly I cannot understand why.

Classical Music Lover

Fyzah Al-Husainy I honestly don’t care if it’s too fast or too slow or what the composer wrote. Ofc you shouldn’t play presto when it’s written Largo or the other way around but I usually play how it sounds good and not exactly how the composer wanted it

Mari Gea

1. Old tape, usually about 1.2 up to 1.5x faster, but that is a minor detail. 2. Please read: my feeling, my emotions, my story to tell. He, author, felt different and it is obvious. What is the point to clean copy the piece exactly like Scriabin did it? Do you also think he would like to hear that?

נימרוד שפר

@Mari Gea you are absolutely right that must be the reason why in #his# recordings scriabin plays this 1.75 times faster! Thank for your explanation about the nature of scriabin composing and to play his works.

Mari Gea

Just the right tempo for my feeling... exactly how I would play it. And an answer to why - because it feels right, any faster and story it holds within feels forced, rushed and creased.


Scriabin writes really human music. It's up to the player how to play it. Whether really held back or really forward, everybody can express oneself with this piece because it's full of human emotion. Therefore, the tempo doesn't matter :)

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