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Ludovico Einaudi Lyrics


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Mohammed Balghar

@vismit verma
في حياة كل منا
كانت هناك النبضه التي غيرت القلب
و الكلمة التي لا تموت
والذكرى التي لا تنسى
والدمعه التي تساوي عمراً ..
والنظره التي اختصرت الكثير ...
هناك اماكن لا نغادرها مهما ابتعدنا ...
واناس لا نودعهم مهما ابعدتهم
عنا المسافات
هناك الحزن الذي لا يصغر
والفرح الذي لا يكبر
في حياة كل منا دائماً
علامات فارقه في كل شيئ🖤 ...!

Mohammed Balghar

عندما تتجاهلي مكالمة تزعجك .. ٱنتِ لست سيئة
عندما تقولي كلمة لا لإمر لم تحبيه .. ٱنتِ لستِ سيئة
عندما تقطعي علاقة تسببت لكِ بالحزن .. ٱنتِ لستِ سيئة
عندما تغادري مكان دون ذكر الإسباب
فقط لإنه لا يلائمكِ ٱنتِ لست سيئة
تذكري دائماً ٱنكِ لن تكوني سيئة
عندما تختاري راحتك و سعادتك و ٱستقراركِ النفسي

شمس 💪❤

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Lizzie Hammond

This is probably insane to think about but one of the only things that kept me going on when I was at my lowest point was when I started to notice the beauty in this world. Songs like these, summer rain and snow, sunsets and starry nights. I realised that there’s so much I want to do and visit before I leave this world. I want to feel every possible feeling and keep adrenaline in my system. And when I noticed these things and I thought hard about what I wanted to do with myself and my life, I changed as a person. I became more ambitious and wanted to pick up a book for the first time in my life, learn the piano maybe pick up a language. And it changed everything...but it really did all start with this song.

Radka Turčanová

These words made my heart full of wonderful feelings, and I am completely and truly proud of you, even when i've never met you.
Thank you for possibility to read this.
Love, grateful stranger.

Corné van Duijvenbode

@F_Society91 In the Netherlands we say: Het kwartje valt. That means the coin is flipping the right way.

It is a mindset, that is all.

Nuran Celen

Woww such à powerfull song such à powerfull artist such a powerfull art...🙌🙌 thanks God for this présent

Jesse Matias


Lilli Käuflin

this comment is so perfect

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Perla Heredia

I have depression and believe me these songs make me transport myself to my own world

Danny Myler

@Piotr Latos. Depression does not exist ?

Piotr Latos

Depresjon od not exist

kn3cht rupbr3cht

<3 <3 <3

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