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Avril 14th
by Aphex Twin


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Vasilis Ioakeimidis

Avril 14th, 2020. All this weird shit is going. Worldwide pandemic, lockdowns, and this chaotic feeling inside. Lets see if the 2021 log would be any different. AFX time capsule

Kitty Love

Jean Blue how about Cornish Acid?

Google User

@Sepulchral Miasma "turned out to be nothing"??? You realise it's still going on and it's only getting worse in the US and Brazil and it's probably only getting started in Africa, the Carribbean and on islands. I know you're probably trolling but jeez


Itll be much better since CHUMP wont be president any longer!

wall mob

@Sepulchral Miasma my dude believe what you want but a lot of people died. Wether it's number was more or less than the flu, guess what?, We had a flu this year too. You can be edgy without being rude to those who lost family, because wether it's just old people or not, we all have old people we love.

Sepulchral Miasma

This "pandemic" turned out to be nothing TBH. We will be looking back and laughing at the fact it barely did anything more than the annual flu.

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Tanay Mehra

Here we are once again.
On this same day, every year.
Without fail.

Kitty Love

Missed it by two months


Remember the Titanic!



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