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Spring Song
by Felix Mendelssohn

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Michael Dunne

Hi i have just subbed to your channel i am a new subscriber from Ireland


This song has Bugs Bunny written all over it.

I am YOUR mom

true dat

Ariella Sandberg

@James Matthews I was really interested when this scene came up. I loved the music and the fact that it actually showed an educational thing that I actually didn't know until the day I first saw the episode. 👍

James Matthews

@Ariella Sandberg It was a scene where he was playing Pan in the hope that his pan-pipes music would lull the sheepdog to sleep! (Didn't work, of course...) Whenever I hear "Spring Song," that's what I think of.
In "Hare We Go," in which Bugs accompanies Christopher Columbus across the Atlantic, there's a scene with Wagner's Spinning Chorus in the background!

Ariella Sandberg

I know this comment was posted 4 years ago, but this music was on Looney Tunes. Wild E. Coyote was the one who played it in the episode "Don't Give Up the Sheep".


This gives me so good memories. When I was a kid I got a small toy piano for christmas and it had some demo songs, one of them was this one. This transports me to back then, in my grandma's house messing with that small blue keyboard and listening to this and other songs.

Gabriel Souza Jordão

I had too lol I was looking for this song for the same reason


literally why i am here

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