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Spring Song
Felix Mendelssohn Lyrics

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Why am I picturing bugs Bunny 😂😂

Michael Dunne

Hi i have just subbed to your channel i am a new subscriber from Ireland


This is one those many songs that everyone knows the tune, but no one could ever name it. I'm one of the ones who could not. But I'm lucky to know a walking encylopedia who can name every classical tune there is if you hum it to him. Thanks Mr. Bradish.

Khenrichplayz (Alt Account)

@circusitch nice to meet you


I made that comment when I was 57.

Khenrichplayz (Alt Account)

This comment was made when I was 3 years old lmao


This comment was made when I was 2 years old lmao


I finally found it. This.
The song that I keep hearing from my sister's bootleg barbie laptop toy when we were kids.
It has been haunting me ever since, and now I can die in peace knowing it actually exists as a piece.

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