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Für Elise
by Ludwig van Beethoven

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Sometimes you just have to listen to good music

August Murasev Frokjaer

I mean agree 😂

August Murasev Frokjaer


divinejit singh

like gummo



Natali LaFranco

@daminmancejin same

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This song helps me with anxiety attacks. It's a good memory from when I was little and this was played for my naps.

Luke Nelson

Beethoven suffered from Bipolar Disorder and I think may have had social anxiety. I can see why he made this song.

Ogun Gou

Silly Muffin: Good, and 60 to 70 beats per minute classic music like this one is very good for learning and studying, it enhances cognitive acuity.
Very nice cleavage by the way.

sam carter

As methods for dealing with that go, I can't think of much finer. And a damn fine reason to listen to a little more classical if you haven't already...
Try Bach's "joy of man's desiring" maybe. It's beautiful. Or "Clair de Lune".
Or just find your own way, I'm sure you'll find more worth listening to.
Have a fine day.

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