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Sick Of Losing Soulmates
dodie Lyrics

What a strange being you are, God knows where I would be
If you hadn't found me, sitting all alone in the dark
A dumb screenshot of youth
Watch how a cold broken teen
Will desperately lean on a superglued human of proof

What the hell would I be, without you (what the hell would I be)
Brave face talk so lightly, hide the truth (hide the truth)

'Cause I'm sick of losing soulmates, so where do we begin
I can finally see, you're as fucked up as me
So how do we win?
Yeah, I'm sick of losing soulmates, won't be alone again
I can finally see, you're as fucked up as me
So how do we win?

We will grow old as friends,
I've promised that before so what's one more
In our grey-haired circle, waiting for the end?
Time and hearts will wear us thin
So which path will you take, 'cause we both know a break
Does exactly what it says on the tin

What the hell would I be, without you
Brave face talk so lightly, hide the truth

'Cause I'm sick of losing soulmates, so where do we begin
I can finally see, you're as fucked up as me
So how do we win?
Yeah, I'm sick of losing soulmates, won't be alone again
I can finally see, you're as fucked up as me
So how do we win?

I won't take no for an answer (I won't take no for an answer)
I won't take no for an answer (I won't take no for an answer)
I won't take no (I won't take no), no
I won't take no (I won't take no)

'Cause I'm sick of losing soulmates, so where do we begin
I can finally see, you're as fucked up as me
So how do we win?
Yeah, I'm sick of losing soulmates, won't be alone again
I can finally see, you're as fucked up as me
So how do we win?

Lyrics © BMG Rights Management
Written by: Dorothy Clark, Joseph Wander

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He cared about me
He trusted me when I didnt
He helped me through depression
He talked to me everyday
He told me I was pretty
He told me I could accomplish my dreams
He told me I was his dream
He told me I was his dream girl
We called each other twins because we were so similar
He spent every moment with me
He shared his insecuritys with me
He cryed for me
He prayed for me
He told me he loved me
He was the best thing that happened to me
I fell in love with him after we were separated from each other

Hope we will reunite in the future 😔💔 miss you more than anything

emilie w

So, I'm going to a summer camp in a few days. I go every year but it always starts with the same butterflies and fear. At this camp (it's a Christian camp, people my age go because they're Christian and have been going through a lot so they want to hear the voice of God for help. Also it's a lot of fun), we sing songs by the campfire after dinner every night. You can see the sun setting through the trees until it's dark and then your cabin feels so warm compared to the chilly outside air. There's usually a few counsellors of program staff who are the designated singers for the week. There's one who plays guitar and sings, and then one who sings along with him/her. This song is so reminiscent of the camp songs. Not in the Christian sense, but the way Dodie strums reminds me of everything I love about camp. Now, you don't have to read this next part, because I'm just going to write about everything that brings back memories of camp.

When you're sorted into cabins for the week, it's by gender and age. I have this friend who I go to camp with every single year, Katelyn. She's a year younger than me so she's always either the youngest in the cabin, or I'm the oldest. Spending time with her is wonderful. We don't get to see each other much except at camp. We usually find somebody in the cabin who doesn't know anybody, and then the three of us are like the "gang". Sometimes the whole cabin is best friends. I remember one year a girl in our cabin had an allergic reaction and was taken on a 4 hour drive to get medical attention. While she was gone everybody in the cabin was crying. At the time I was dealing with depression so when she left I completely lost it. We went to the river with the rest of the camp but nobody swam. We sat in a circle and prayed (looking back, we probably looked like a cult). I cried so hard that day. Katelyn wanted to make me feel better, so she got a tube and we went tubing down the river. The girl got back to camp that night at campfire. Katelyn told her about my breakdown and we all sat on our bunks having deep conversations. That was wonderful.

Our camp has a thing called Tuck, which was basically a candy shop. We stood in line for at least a half hour waiting for our turn to buy our candy, and then once we got it we could have free time. Standing in line is a good time to meet new people. By the time we've done Tuck twice in the week, everybody knows each other. It's the best.

One of the most nostalgic thing for summer camp is the morning. We wake up at 8:30, when the sun isn't even warm yet. We have a few minutes to brush our hair and look decently presentable, but we don't change out of our PJ's. We then run through the chilly air to The Lodge, which is a huge building that we use for eating. The sky is a light blue-white colour that shines in our groggy eyes, making us more alert. You can hear the entire forest waking up. The birds start singing gently to each other while the chipmunks and squirrels chitter loudly. You can see many animals through the windows while you're eating. Before we're dismissed for breakfast, we sit in lines of our cabin and the Program Staff dismisses us based on how quiet we are. Sometimes, when there's only like three cabins left, they start saying things like "Okay, cheesiest joke goes next" and people start trying to tell the cheesiest joke so they can eat. After breakfast we go to our cabin and clean it for cabin inspections.

On the second last day, we do Banquet. Everyone brings a dress or something nice to wear and we do a fancy dinner for everybody. It's so fun being with your cabin and doing makeup and getting ready, having your counsellor do your hair. When everyone is ready, we meet at the lodge and you're paired with somebody o the opposite gender, who you spend the day with. Sometimes the girls force their dates to hang out with her best friends, and then it's a group of two girls and two guys hanging out and eating together.

I'm usually the last one asleep at camp. I don't sleep well, ever. That's fine, though because at camp it's impossible to get tired.

When we go to the river, there's usually a few guy counsellors who spray people with water guns, dump buckets on their head, throw them in the water (which is freezing cold by the way). They target certain people and then spend the whole time trying to get them.

On the last day of camp, we share testimonies. Basically, at campfire, people go in front of everyone and share what God has been doing in their life. It's usually pretty emotional and nobody leaves dry-eyed. Leaving camp is pretty emotional too.

Essentially, camp is the best experience I've ever had during the summer. I recommend it, even if you're homesick. You make amazing friends who help you through that.

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soulmates can be best friends too. they don’t have to be significant others.

Lachlan Jenkins

Casually changing the definition


Yeah no, the songs about best friends, not s/o XD

Last, First

@[Blank.] I dont doubt that😂. Takes time and experience


@Last, First ngl I don't understand a single thing you typed there

Last, First

@[Blank.]being able to accept what they choose vs what you would have preferred are differnt. They might be happy but you would have wanted it to be more if it was in the cards, if you cared abt them to that degree. But yeah speak for yourself.

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the worst pain i've felt in a while is realizing you and someone else care about each other infinitely, but you're just not meant to be.

Nikita salsabila

This is what i feel rn

•Rose Salad•

It's been three years and this is still true.
They get me, only person who really knows me and doesn't judge me, we've had so much fun together and I can't remember a single time we've fought. We've been best friends for what, almost 4 years now? And I feel as though they're my soulmate because they reflect me so much. God, I love them.
But the thing is, the way I love them doesn't really fit any definition of love I know. I'm not saying this to sound dEeP I genuinely have no Idea. They're more than a friend to me, more than a best friend even, but definetly not a crush or a lover. Which is why I guess the word soulmate would fit them best.
I'm afraid that what I feel for this person might be romantic because, although they must consider me a close friend, I definitely don't think they feel that way aswell. They've set that boundary multiple times now and I'm not expecting to or hoping that'll change anytime soon. Because, even if they do feel that way, how would I even respond? "Hey, I'm kind of sort of deeply in love with you but not really and I don't even know if that exists, hang on for a little bit and let me figure this out for who knows how long so I make sure I don't play with any of our feelings although I might aswell be doing that already"? So that's why I'm stuck like this. I'm hopelessly in love with them and I feel like they're my soulmate but in a really weird way, and I'm pretty sure they don't like me back based on what they've said. We care about eachother so much and understand eachother so deeply but the only thing we get to call eachother is a friend because I have no idea what else to properly call them and telling them they're my soulmate might be just way too intense... ugh
So yeah, we care about eachother infinitely, but we're just not meant to be. Not in any conventional way at least. And it's so frustrating...
Sorry for venting on a 3 year old youtube thread lmao, I've just been carrying this weight on me for quite some time now.

Elias Kiser

Anyone can be your soulmate if you dedicate time to them.

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