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Clair de lune
Claude Debussy Lyrics


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luca i think

Mr Tortilla has inspired me to start writing my own journal here. I love this song so much, and ive wanted to do something like this for awhile, so here we go...

Day 1:

Still recovering after getting in a car injury last monday. I was getting bombarded with questions for awhile, but luckily it has toned down since then.

I was having fun doing stage crew for my schools performance program. Sadly, today was my last day doing so.
I had fun, though! It was a great group of kids. I loved doing it so much, so I hope I can do something similar again.

Overall, today was pretty decent.

More tomorrow,

La cueva de Weresker

Mientras estoy escuchando esta melodía, estoy escribiendo una escena romántica, bastante emotiva. Esta melodía no hace mas que llenarme el alma de tranquilidad dando lugar a hermosas emociones en mi cabeza.

pd: me recuerda en algunas partes a spiderman


Day 1, Le début.

Clair de lune, a beautiful piece that reflects the inner most desires of the human psyche. I wonder if Claude Debussy knew that his piece would have stirred up such magnitude.

Waking up after a dream involving my grandmother, who passed before I was old enough to process the concept of death, surprisingly, that was the first time I had woken up with tears welled up. Remnants of puddles remained on my pillow, as if it signified the very passing of time, a puddle for each hour. Perhaps Clair De Lune reflects more about life and how despite the moody parts, is beautiful, and how death reflects our legacy.

I wouldn't say that I'm antisocial, far from that, but I find myself longing for isolation, as if my current group of friends aren't for me, as if I had matured, despite me being nowhere near mature enough. I wonder if they feel the same way, likely not, I dream of one day finding my true and final group of friends.

This piece reminds me of a movie, "Night is short, walk on girl." reflecting the short amount of time we have, but we can make it last as long as we want by stories, retellings, plays. I wish to not have my life defined by the rules set by society, to work and be part of the system, only to be forgotten. Human life is quite futile, however, it is beautiful, that a organism so advanced, is a slave to fate, a slave to time, a slave to the future and that no matter the wealth you gain, you will be forgotten. People and things die twice, once when they breathe they last breath and lastly when they are forgotten.

About me, Im Pleat, been on the internet for most of my life, been through my fair share of losses. I am 15, coming 16, a male and straight, simply wishing for eternal happiness and accomplishment. Hopefully I commit to this journal, and do not forget.

Signing off.

Siobhan O'Connor

What I've gathered about Mr Tortilla:
1. Real name is Leslie (or Lee)
2. He might be female
3. He is British
4. He is in school
5. He doesn't like school... or talking
6. He doesn't get on with his family too well (but his online family love him)
7. He has two pet Guinea Pigs
8. Likes skateboarding
9. Watches Anime
10. Loves to draw, very artsy
11. Used to have a bully
12. Likes video games
13. Writes his own music
14. Knows 6 languages, currently learning Japanese and Russian
15. He has great taste in music
16. Also a sweetheart

Note to self: got up to day 50-174

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K Zayas

I love this masterpiece so much, I named my daughter after it, Claire Luna. As of today she is a month old.

C's Art



Been a year now hope ur doing good!

kohl cooke

Happy birthday to her!


that’s actually amazing


This is so precious ❤️

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How can something sound so beautiful


Omg I miss your channel. It made me sad when you stopped making videos

Daniel Sont

by clustering up sevenths together on a descending melody, maybe. I'll have to learn the song to find out =]



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