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On hearing the first Cuckoo in spring
Frederick Delius Lyrics

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Erik Pantera

Lovely really, bellows vowels freely

evicted, derelict, heretic chicks, flip erotic tricks on rheumatic pricks,
and meek nighttime freaks seek their daily tweaks, evanescent fleeting peaks that can never quell the squeak,

of the soul that doesn't exist, of the ego that must persist,

but why fuss and fight and fret and care
when all this action takes you anywhere -

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Blackwell ST

Damn, I feel like I just wasted 18 years of my life listening to rap and shit. This music really hits me on a spiritual level, it's so meditative and calming. Hope there's more like this, I can literally listen to music like this 24/7

André Warner

@David Hargreaves seek and ye shall find.

Aurora Dear

I grew up listening to so many types of music, but classical is complex. It requires your mind. I still listen to pop music but most of the songs are too simplistic for me.

Yossi Peles

I'm a Delius fan (Delius among others). I listen quite seldom to pop music and the like, although I use it in my my work as music therapist. The truth is that every music has its own merits.

David Hargreaves

can I recommend the CHILITES...seriously...great group, great songs.

I love Tchaikovsky too....and AC/DC surprisingly!!!..........

David Hargreaves

@Octobre Rousse you are SUCH A REBEL!!

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I can't listen to this without a lump coming to my throat and tears to my eyes. Stunning beautiful in it's rich palette of harmonies and lovely melody lines.


As I grow older I am more and more drawn to the peace and quietude of Delius's wonderful tonal world-this composer needs to be heard more often in the concert hall-

Tony Patriarche

I never thought I would hear a better performance of this piece than Beecham's old recordings, but this rendition breathes the soft spring air of England. I am amazed how a conductor of a large orchestra can get them to play with rubato and exquisite phrasing that is usually only possible for a soloist or string quartet.

Tom Kendall

Tony, the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields is a chamber orchestra, about half the size of a symphony orchestra. Obviously, chamber orchestras are more flexible and nimble than symphony orchestras, as you point out.

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