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The Lark Ascending
by Ralph Vaughan Williams

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Korinna Beckenbauer

This is what finally coming out of a depressive episode feels like

Tom Lussenhop are precisely right. An amazing and beautiful and truthful insight. I know what you feel

Jimmy Hill's Chin

that's one of the best explanations of this work I've seen/heard. It has a magic that eludes most musicologist types. In one sense it's just an unremarkable little piece for violin and orchestra, yet it means so much to so many people. It's quality is primarily - and powerfully - existential.

Logic is Beautiful

Emusical Gamer There is no reason to put down other people's feelings- it reflects very negatively on your character.

Logic is Beautiful

I agree - like waking up on a beautiful new morning.

Ramón González-Arango

This is propably my favorite comment in Youtube.

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Tolkienista 37

Anyone listening to this in lockdown 2020? If so, it's a beautiful piece of music to cope with the detachment from.reality and a reminder of a bygone era when life was so much simpler.


@thejudge 1897 This is a piece of English romanticism which isn't meant to reflect the 1910s at all. Its rooted in the nostalgia of pre-industrial Britain and exalts the untainted nature of the nation in this period circa 1700. The whole genre of music is gauged toward the simplicity and beauty of nature and is only concerned with this.

Sauronbaggins D

My absolute favourite piece of classical music

Eva Sagar

Forever, and always

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