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The Lark Ascending
Ralph Vaughan Williams Lyrics

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Joshua Rogalsky

Honestly, this is the first timer ever (and I only got into the "classical music" section last year) that I purely thought, that this piece told me a story, I 100% believed!! ❤️😍
Like... that was AWESOME!! I heard a lot of people talk about "Yeah, this music tells a story" or "Yeah, the Violin really sounded like it was trying to say something" but...
THIS? This is on another level!!
At first I thought that it was too slow for me or too quit, but as it rose in volume and the orchestre blended it with the solo Violin it was... gold honestly👌🏼
The Violin, for me, was like a bird🐦, hatching out of its egg and trying to fly while firstly failing. But as it got older and trained, it began developing a technique which made it possible for the bird to spread it wings and play with the wind and air around him🌬️,like jumping onto a bus (in the way of getting into it😅). It can fly now! And there's nothing the little bird doesn't want to see🐦
There's new animals to explore, new habitats that the bird never saw before and of course new dangers the bird gets confronted with.
In the end it find its love and they have beautiful kids together and can die happily, knowing, their life was filled and lived out with every second they were possibly able to live❤️
Honestly pure perfection right there😊
That's what I call music

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Scara Mouche

The first time I heard this exquisite piece of music, I was driving a lorry through the Berkshire countryside and it came on Classic FM, and it was requested by a mother who had just buried her four year old son. They used to listen to it together through his illness and he loved it..she said it was now how she imagined him, a beautiful free spirit flying up to heaven. Despite being a big burly trucker, I had to pull over and I sobbed my heart out for ten minutes. I just couldn’t hold it together. Even recounting the story now, sets me off! How can a world that produces such beautiful music be so cruel to such an innocent! Needless to say I have had a soft spot for this piece of music ever since. I can’t listen to it without thinking of that poor bereaved mother and the poor poor child!


@Dylan Fowler absolutely perfectly said!😁

Dylan Fowler

That wasn't just a comment, it was a YT gem comment.

Rosa Harding

By reading it made me have tears down my face. I’ll never forget your comment. 💙

Bernard McMahon

Bless you my friend 👍👍


Completely get where you are coming from. So lovely to feel this.

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Tim Wingham

I've lived in London most of my life, and been a paramedic in that city for 32 years. This piece of music takes me away from the aggressive bullying culture that I've (stupidly and ridiculously) put up with in both my professional and personal life. It lifts me and has made me begin taking the plunge to a new life in quiet rural Suffolk; where a peaceful time awaits me with deer, hares, space, huge skies, clean air, vast fields and few people. Thank you Vaughan Williams for allowing me to picture my future via the Lark Ascending.


Thank you for all you've done my friend, enjoy your life in peace, you have contributed more than most, I include myself in that.


I like those sentiments, my Friend. Stay positive through all the Negativity - and MAKE that simple dream come true !


@Becky Dufour thank you!! I lived SoCal 25 years & if not for I’ll parents would still there. Miss some folks BIG TIME & much of nature too. Love New England, but ~. Enjoy for me! Wishing you & yours health & joy! ~ Lynn

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