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In the Hall of the Mountain King
Edvard Grieg Lyrics

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J o k o

The other song you don‘t know the name of is „O-Zone - Dragostea Din Tei“

Yes and I know you‘re watching during corona

And yes the music on my channel is completely underrated

Ah yes and I made the exact same comment on the other video

Valentin Alvarez

When eres el único comentario en español 0:11

Pero no entiendes los comentarios en ingles 0:45

Pero empiezas a ver comentarios en japonés 1:02

Recuerdas el coronavirus 1:40

Pero ahora por poner esto no te van a dar like porque te estas copiando 1:46

Pero al final despiertas y recuerdas que todo esto fue un sueño 2:26

alpha :3

Corona virus in China 0:00
Corona virus in Korea and China 0:11
Corona virus in USA, Europe, China and Korea 0:38
Corona virus in my country 0:50
Corona virus in my city 1:15
Corona virus in my neighborhood 1:38



@Mònica Martínez not sure but i always had this feeling about it (based on experience performing/rehearsing in ireland)

Usually songs contain text/lyric/sung parts.
A piece on the other hand is predominantly an instrumental composition.

Unless they are of the traditional/folk ilk, in which case they're called CHOONS !!!!

I could be dead wrong though...

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One minute of silence from all the people still searching this music...

Sebastián Dávila

It's called in the hail of mountain king

Kevon Is Here

Qazmax 4 years late but finally made it bitch panting

Zachary Jensen

Heard it whistled in season 8 of Supernatural and wondered what song it was.


took me so long

Aayushi The birdie.

this took me years to find this song...

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Mad Pyer

2020's theme song.

Lee wilkinson




Tanha Tabassum

wait till 2021

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