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In the Hall of the Mountain King
Edvard Grieg Lyrics

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Zennith The Folf

Paranoia/Anxiety in a nutshell:
0:09 You're getting ready to leave your house and make sure you have everything you need.
0:28 You leave making sure you locked the door just in case.
0:45 You get all the way to your car, but after that bit of a walk, you forget if you really checked if you locked the door so you walk all the way back.
0:55 After checking again you walk all the way back to your car, get in it and drive off.
1:03 You get a creeping suspicion you forgot something, or left the stove on, or the heater running.
1:11 You drive ALL the way back home to go check on everything.
1:20 You get home, not wanting to waste time you leave your car keys in the vehicle, grab the house key and go to the door.
1:28 You realize it's the wrong key, and start to go back to the car.
1:34 The car is locked, suddenly the engine starts someone is hijacking your car, you try to pull out your phone to call 911 but...
1:40 Your phone slips out of your hand................... 1:45 into a conveniently placed storm drain.
2:14 The carjacker speeds off, before a car pulls out in front of it.
2:19 The GTA larper swerves to a U-turn, but not quite a complete 180.
2:21 It ends up heading back to your house crashing right into it, the car catches fire.
2:28 And your house immediately erupts into flames.

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Gligor Vladimir

First beat drop in history

KeepersTeam [Kprs]

No there was Palastinalied?

Wales for a United Kingdom

Rachmaninoff Op 23 No 5



Excuse You?

@Mike Toreno We do not speak of canon in D


Nah it was the cavemen

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Albert Einstein knows how to drop a beat better than the 2010 musicians


That's my dad

Gabriel The E2 Tank Engine

This song perfectly represents the replies


Toi tg et déjà renseigne toi avant de critiquer les 2010 vu que ce n'est pas Albert Einstein p'tit con 🤣

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