River Flows in You
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This piano play is the epitome of Happiness and Sadness.
A music representation of someone's life.
Ups and Downs.

He was born in November 25, 2008.

Said his first words in 1 year old and 7 months.

Crawled and walks in 2 years old.

Went to school at 6 years and made friends.

Was homeschooled and forgot his friends.

He found out about this music because of that.

He started going back to school at 13 years old.

Had his first kiss in 16 years old.

Found a girlfriend in 17 years old and graduated.

Went to college in 18 years old.

He wanted to become a musician.

Things went well for him, he graduated college, he had a great job, and married his girlfriend.

His parents passed away when he was 32 years old.

He and his wife had kids at 39.

He was having fun with his kids in the park, he looked away for a second, he looked back, his kids got ran over and died at the age of 6 and 7.

His wife committed suicide the same year because of her kids' death.

He got diagnosed with cancer at the age of 85.

His doctor said he had 4 years left.

All of his friends passed away, he had no siblings, he has no one.

He is on the deathbed at 89 and is listening to this music.

Suddenly, the memories came flowing back.
He smiled and gently closed his eyes.


I've been listening to this since I was in my single digits...
Now, I am 18 and I rediscovered this at one of my lowest points in life.
It calms me and gives me strength to grieve and cry it all out.

All the angsty cliches of life really caught up to me.
Pets dying or getting lost and never found,
Relatives dropping like flies,
Childhood traumas coming back to bite me where it hurts and telling me my childhood was not as peaceful and happy as child me really thought.

It was all just too much.

Music was the only constant in my life that comforted, distracted, and communicated with me.
Told me that it would all pass.
Comforted me with sweet not nothings as they wrapped a refreshingly cold blanket of song and rhythm around me and lulled me into another world that was not mine.
It might come back but it will never linger, they told me.

..songs without lyrics do that the most, I find.
The individual sounds of instruments were the lyrics.

I love music.
And I admire and appreciate this musician for creating ones that could touch the heart so deeply that it almost hurts.

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This is from my latest album
[S O L O] to mark my 20th anniversary.


hi Yiruma im a big fan can you heart my comment? it really makes me happy


@Josephine Santonia he don't have time to hearts your comment ever, because he have to make a new music or practice his piano song.


@Xiao You are a Heartbreaker.


Thank you very much for the dedication you put into it as an artist, this melody is one of my favorites, it gives me calm


There is no more legendary song than this one in the whole world facts

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We played this music on my wedding day 10yrs ago on this date, when we walked on the isle. Sadly my husband died 8yrs ago because of cardiac arrest in such a young age at 32yrs old. Since then, everytime I miss him I listen to this music, it brings all those memories back to me, just like turn back in time ⚘️⚘️ thank you had created such a wonderful piano piece ❤️


Am sorry for ur loss 💔


that story is as sad as this music.



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