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Nocturne No.2 in E flat Op.9 No.2
Frédéric Chopin Lyrics

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Max K

One day in the hopefully distant future humanity will be no more. The universe, in its infinite, apathetic majesty will consume the memory of all we have created and all we shall create. But I don't find this depressing, rather I find it liberating.

There is no purpose to this life. No rhyme or reason. No secret meanings or hidden goals. We came into a universe that has no need of us nor any disdain for us. All the beauty and complexity we see around us both very near and very very far was not placed there like paintings in a museum. No, our enjoyment of it is of our making.

But why then, if there is no purpose or goal to existence, do we keep going? Why do we keep painting all these wonders we see, build ever better inventions, and explore yet unseen environments? Why do we do anything at all?

In my opinion the best example to answer this question is the moon landing. Sure you can frame it as a contest between political superpowers, but that's not why we did it, that's just why the politicians agreed to pay for it. Why did the scientists, engineers, technicians, and astronauts pour so much of their blood, sweat, and tears into getting humans to the moon? The answer is simple.....

Because it was there

The problem is in the original question, it has it all backwards. There is no purpose to our experience of the universe around us, our experience is the purpose. I enjoy life not because I have found some hidden meaning in it. I enjoy it because it is there, freely available for me to enjoy. I hope this finds you well, fellow observer of the universe, and I hope you can find something available for you to enjoy today.

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Hey, this isn’t a checkpoint but you can rest here, I know its a rough year but don’t give up, we are almost there!




They didn't know that it is still going.

Mobzöller the Meme Guy

@Raúl Maldonado Aguilar Zárate you’re very wrong b0ss.

Bogusz Grotowski



It's been a year now, it's only gotten worse, can I rest forever?

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Imagine yourself walking around in midnight without noise and people, peacefully looking at the night sky filled with billions of stars. Such a blissful feeling to appreciate the night.


Hello there. I have a youtube channel where I share music that touches my soul. Shall we listen together 🌸


Me lo imagino siempre ✨✨✨


@Frank Valencia lolilol

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