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Nocturne No.2 in E flat Op.9 No.2
Frédéric Chopin Lyrics

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I decided that every day in this comment I will write the positive things that happened to me that day or just some positive slogans / quotes . Maybe it will make me feel better.

day 1 (16.12.2020)
Today my mood improved me by the smell of a candle that I got from a loved one. 💕

day 2 (17.12.2020)
I just like today's date because I love the number 17. That number brings back fond memories of me. And I just realized there is only a month left until my birthday. 🎉

day 3 (18.12.2020)
So today I listened to a lot of old nostalgic songs and it cheered me up a bit. ❤️

day 4 (19.12.2020)
Nothing positive happened today, I think ):

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Angelina T

i love the way how people are randomly listening to chopin at the same time

joel mamani ramirez



Wtf it wasnt even suggested

sell 96

Madison beer good in goodbye 😄

Taylor London

Haha I came from Your Lie In April

Burçak Bartın


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Saria You

Did we all just randomly decide to listen to Chopin

steel nwooden

i don't listen to classical music. i was literally doing nothing that had anything to do with this song, but for some unknown reason this particular song just randomly hit me and so i looked for it

77u77u 7

Yes about to meditate to it.

boocchi hitori

Hmmm ,I was in the hall of mountain king

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