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Chopin : Ballade No.3 in A flat minor Op.47
Frédéric Chopin Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Frédéric Chopin:

Hulanka Szynkareczko szafareczko Co ty robisz stój Tam się śmiejesz …
Moja Pieszczotka Moja pieszczotka gdy w wesołej chwili Pocznie szczebiotać i …
Narzeczony Wiatr zaszumiał między krzewy Nie w czas nie w czas koniu Ni…
Nie Ma Czego Trzeba Mgła mi do oczu zawiewa z łona W prawo i w…
Posel Rośnie trawka ziółko Zimne dni się mienią Ty wierna jaskółko…
Precz Z Moich Oczu Precz z moich oczu Posłucham od razu Precz z mego serca I se…
Sliczny Chlopiec Wzniosły smukły i młody O nielada urody Śliczny chłopiec cze…
Smutna Rzeka Rzeko z cudzoziemców strony Czemu nurt twój tak zmącony Czy …
Zyczenie Gdybym ja była słoneczkiem na niebie Nie świeciłabym jak tyl…

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Comments from YouTube:

Sultan Alamos

Bellísimo discurso, maestro Zimmermann. La más dramática Balada de Chopin. Muchas gracias. Escribo desde Chile.
Mario Dueñas B.


This is my favorite ballade, and he plays it perfectly. 5:20-5:35 moved me to tears. No one can play chopin better than him, at least to me.

Ku Ba

In my opinion this is one of the best fragments of Chopin's music and one of the most beautiful in music ever. I really like Zimerman's performance but I also enjoy listening Seong-Jin Cho's interpretation of that part.

Lorraine Sept-Drayer

As good a sequence as any Bach could heart was pounding!

ron even

Josef Lhevinne. Almost unheard of, but he was one of the greatest pianists in history. His interpretations of Chopin etudes op. 25 no. 11 and no. 6 are ideal for me. And, these are just examples. Unfortunately, most of his records are in bad quality and there aren't too many of them.

Maria Teresa Ribera Ovalle

Las cuatro son bellisimas, pero me quedo con la numero 1 por su tremendo contenido nacionalista orgullo polaco la comparo al Etude n12 por la mism a razon

Dario Starsky

He's just about perfect- agreed, however, IMHO he goes too fast towards the end; I think the beauty and elegance of this piece needs to be articulated more slowly. Having listened to Idil Biret (the works on Chopin) I now have my new favourite Chopin pianist, ... but that'' me ;)

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Stephen Gott Pianist

I'm learning the piece at the moment. Zimmerman's performance here made me want to learn it.

The Pianist

We are now two. Zimerman's interpretations are unique, when I heard these 4 Ballades, I wanted to play them like Zimerman, I know it's not possible to exactly copy his impressive style and excellent technique but it has always been a starting point to at least try to get closer what Chopin really intended. I learned 1st a few years ago, and 2nd recently, now I'm going for 3rd.
I hope we both succeed!

Dimitry Andreyushkin

this was actually the only ballade i didnt like until i heard zimerman play it haha, he brings out so much sense and colour in the music i can understand it more than any other recording

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