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Andante spianato Op. 22
Frédéric Chopin Lyrics

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First Bourne

So I've recently finished this piece. And I can assure you, it's not as hard as everyone is telling you. But do keep in mind every pianist is different. I've researched what the difficulty for this piece is and people say it's harder than Chopin's scherzo 3 or ballade 4 which I find is a BIG LIE. All this piece needs is a hell of a lot of stamina and endurance. Alot of the parts are very playable, but some are pretty hard. But I can't help but also think if hand spans affect the difficulty of this piece. A few time stamps:
4:32 hard if you're gonna play it in piano because it is required to be played faster
5:48 trill is hard
6:04 if you can reach a tenth, this would be hard to hit precise. You'll need up hitting either G or E at the last note instead of F
6:58 pretty exhausting
9:00-9:31 sounds hard, is manageable, but would be tricky for people who can only reach a full octave and not a 9th or a 10th
9:54-11:51 is basically a REPEAT
11:52 hard at fast tempo, easy at medium. The tempo he played it was manageable but I've heard people play it faster, which was straining on the hands of you ask me
12:59 for me is where it gets hard and tricky
13:05 hardest part because you're already exhausted then this pops up. Killer on the left hand
13:19 hardest to play without mistakes. Like I said this piece requires endurance. A ton of practice is needed because when I played this I was sweating all over. But as a pianist playing ballade 1 before, I find this much much manageable. My opinion only, hope it helps :)

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Zach Kelly-Onett

The chorale at the end of the andante spianato might be my favorite bit of music Chopin ever wrote.


@Maria Ruskova Mazurka is not only a dance but also a special music form created by Chopin. Some of his Mazurkas are not made for dancing

Francisco Mourato

@Maria Ruskova Spianato actually means something like "spread" or "diffuse"...

Deborah Childress

@Jérémi Gendron thank you, this was very informative! 😊

Marius van de Wall

You're not wrong.

Noah Johnson

@Milton Haven't seen you in a hot you been??
And yeah, while I definitely have expanded my listening by like 600%, I firmly feel that Chopin had something different, special connection to humans under the surface.

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Axel Sandoval

I have been looking for this for YEARS, MORE THAN 15 YEARS.
I used to hear this in my childhood. My mother used to put a record of classical music for us to sleep, and this was my favorite classical artist of all. This was where my infancy was a bliss, and nothing worried me before.

Charles Parsons

@Axel Sandoval Tomato Tomato. No use in arguing semantics about musical pieces in the past. The most important thing is "Why" these pieces impacted you so. As a listener, scrounge the earth for more such pieces as life is too short to miss out. As a composer, scrounge the earth for what people have done well and then make it better, adding in your own personality to the musical legacy.

Tom Z

how did it take you so long? it's in the Pianist movie.

Enrique F

I been looking for this music since I first hear it the movie "THE PIANIST."
if I hear this to go to sleep, it would certainly wake me up in an instant.

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