Für Elise
Ludwig van Beethoven Lyrics

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Hip Hughes

Who the hell thumbs down Beethoven?



Squidward Tortellini

Crazy people

Rozalia Banjai

danke ist für herz und leben soooo schöhn für mich!! danke das gefählt!!❤


blame the kids that listen to trash rap and stuff


I'm the 500th reply whoops hoo

500+ More Replies...


0:01 Beethoven gets crush on Elise
0:50 Elise rejects him
1:05 He calms down from it
1:33 Elise is engaged to another man
1:59 Beethoven calms down again


@Spritez Ol he didn't release his new album in fifth april

We will go joy


Tushar Das

Bro the part where elise got engaged that music gave me goosebumps true power if music ❤️

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