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Gymnopédie No. 1
Erik Satie Lyrics

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15. Angela Brownridge Satie: Gymnopedie No. 1 Why - Do you do the things that make you…
Gymnopedie No. 1 Regarde c'que t'es devenu T'es rendu un clown, une marionnet…
Gymnopédie No.1 Regarde c'que t'es devenu T'es rendu un clown, une marionnet…
Hackett John and Steve How did I know that the warmth of the glow…
J.S. Bach Orchestra & Walter Rinaldi 「愛してる」の言葉じゃ 足りないくらいに君が好き 「愛してる」の言葉を 100万回君に送ろう 空の色が変わり少しだけ …
London Philharmonic Orchestra Ave maria Gratia plena Maria gratia plena Maria gratia pl…
Robin Williams Last night I came home, but you weren't there, Found…

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Her arrival came sudden

My eyes locked with hers

Her soul peaked through the windows that were her eyes

This feeling encapsulates me whole

Nostalgia increases as we talk

Her lips beckon my name, this feeling takes whole

The smoke fogs the room, the smell lingers

Her touch electrifies my entire body, sending trickling shock waves through my limbs

The music blaring, while mesmerized by her elegance

Staring deeply, our restful eyes glaring red with euphoria

She smiles, which in turn causes me to do the same

Her smile, radiates so full of life it’s infectious

Our lips crush, the passion takes over

Our breath, intertwined with one another

The scent of her fills my lungs

Our hearts flutter fast, matching in rhythm and merging as one

She climbs on top of me, with that bewitched smile and look in her eyes

Hands clasped tightly, our gaze never averted

She said in a hush tone, “whatcha thinking about”

Soon after she grabs my face and stares intently into my eyes

“Oh my, your pupils are so dilated and red?”

In my head I knew it was because of the intense feelings i have for her

Cuddled up, staring into each other’s puffy red eyes

I uttered, “your smile breathes life into me”

She chuckled and asked “If my smile breathes life into you then what do my kisses do?”

I said “It solidifies that life into me so it won’t escape.”

Her eyes quickly flooded with tears trickling
down her face.

I look into them deeply again, seeing my reflection staring back in her eyes

Inevitably the same fate soon strikes me

Tears swell up my eyes, as she cups hold of my face

Entranced, our lips and tongue entwine once more

Our eyes redder than before, glisten heavenly as we catch our breath

As silence draws near, our faint giggles fill the room

As she’s cuddled up and asleep, I can’t help but smile

I kiss her forehead and hold her tight, she gives me that heart melting smile once more

I wrote this to this lovely song. 🖤


(This is SUPER long, out of respect for your time, I recommend you only read the first paragraph if you are busy, the rest is basically a life story)

This song to me is like emptiness, all it represents is a flow of time, but nothing matters quite so much as the days that don't matter at all, between life's busyness, whether you're a school student, or an adult man who has work to do, or in other cases even a family to attend to, there are moments when everything stops, time slows down to a crawl and you just look at everything around you, is it sad? It honestly depends on who you are, if you're like me, you'll prefer to see things in a melancholy lens, I like sadness, it is the emotion that connects.

In modern life my mind is becoming less and less appreciative of all time, whether it's a quiet day, or the most eventful day of my life, so I don't really get the same feelings from this song than I used to, I don't care about time, I don't care when it begins and ends, as long as I'm spending it doing things that matter to me.

But when I was younger this melody became part of a vision I yearned for, my school life was stressful to be simple about it, I know not every teenager goes through it, and these are quite stereotypical things, but I started getting depressed as early as my second year of high school, I come from somewhere else in the World so I don't know how things translate over, so I'm just going to arrange it by the years I spent there, after only one year something was making me depressed, to this day I'm not entirely sure what the original cause was, it could be so many things but it also could have been nothing.

On the third year anxiety entered the scene, as well as stress from thinking about the exams that I would have to take in my final years, I was terrified of that failure, but there was something personal tearing away at me too, due to its sensitivity I'm not going to say what the cause of it was, eventually this anxiety became less specific and more broad, eventually I was just anxious around everyone and everything no matter what, every day something dragged my body to school while my mind was always running away from it.

I never felt proper sadness during the time, it wasn't so much thick skin as it was numbness, I was becoming so hollow on the inside that I didn't even care anymore, you could have beaten me to a pulp and the expression on my face would have been neutral the entire time, so some people used to bother me to try and get a rise out of me, they either wanted to bring me down to their level or they wanted to see me behave like a regular human being that has things like self-respect and dignity.

Nothing anyone tried ever worked, I wasn't giving anyone the satisfaction of seeing a real emotion out of me, my brain was empty, I don't know how bad it was getting, I felt like if I said something people would have told me I was exaggerating, or that I'm stupid or something like that, but I can vividly remember a point in time when it felt like I went insane, it felt like my soul left my body for a moment, two mental illnesses, with your regular extreme levels of stress that happen in school, by the third year I didn't care about anything, especially not my grades, I was willing to never attend class again, and that's what I did.

In the last year I was still going to school but I never went to class, I was too far gone with anxiety and stress, I just didn't care anymore, I spent all my time in a quiet room that nobody used, that's when I had that bout of what felt like insanity.

All I prayed for was that my final day there would go like this; a quiet classroom by myself and some people I knew, with a cloudy sky outside the window, and I wanted this song playing, this was the exact song I wanted to hear on that day, a day like this sort of came on the final day, but I didn't have this song with me, it played in my head the entire time.

I got what I asked for, and enjoyed my one day of peace out of the most chaotic years in my entire life, even with the new stresses that come with adulthood, nothing has ever topped my teenage years, my mental health has drastically improved since then, the personal stresses that caused my anxiety are practically gone, and nowadays I'm trying to work through some things that happened to me after my school years, I developed severe trust issues after my friends proved to me that they couldn't be trusted, I was getting upset because I noticed that I was slowly being more and more excluded from the group for reasons I didn't know why.

I asked and got no answers, but when they were gone I actually felt relieved, I knew it, I was happy to be right, it gave me a self confidence boost, I used to be selfless, for those wondering my belief that other people would care if I died is what kept me going instead of deciding to kill myself back in high school, if not for circumstances I would not be writing this, my high school years were just that dark, whether it sounds edgy or not, it is the truth.

After that I had trust issues for many years, only in recent times have I decided to try and do something and make positive changes in my life, so yeah, it was all pretty bad, but if it's not physical then it's not suffering right?

I have no scars from those years, I was depressed but I did not self harm, the only scar I have is one from art class when I slipped up and cut one of my fingers with a crafting knife, it didn't actually hurt that much despite how much the school's "nurses" exaggerated it, my school didn't really have a dedicated place for injuries, we just had a first aid kit, and the receptionists were the ones who took care of it, anyway that scar is attached to a comedic memory, I'm actually fond of it, that scar reminds me of the better times, the early years in school were kind of nice for me in comparison to the later years.

There isn't really a moral to the story but if I had to add one it's this: you are not shaped by the World around you, even in the worst situation you have that choice to be better than your surroundings, you don't have to give in to it, you don't have to be the villain, no matter how bad things get you can always choose to be a good person, even if you're never rewarded for it, that's the burden of morality, choosing to do what's right because it's right, and for no other reason, that's what makes you a good person.

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i have spent literal YEARS with this song stuck in my head hearing it barely in the background of countless videos that i would always forget the name to right after i remembered the specific note pattern, its always been there, in the back of my mind. and now i can like it and save it forever. i dont know what to say, its an emotion you really cant put into words. to anyone out there who is still searching i honestly feel for you, now i can finally put this to rest.


that's deep

Matheus Ribeiro

The same thing here, brah


@G. S.R I thought this was a spam bot, but nice job!


Ive been looking for it for 50+ years

Sara Achab

@G. S.R pppppppppp

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The music of Minecraft must be extremely influenced by this piece. Melodic, simplistic, and atmospheric, yet nostalgic and something that makes you stop what you're doing

Anna Joned

@just some guy with TB That's gross. And even though I think this is immature, I laughed a little bit.


@sant It really does fit... Anything


Exactly my thoughts. It's kinda overwhelming

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