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Gymnopédie No. 1
Erik Satie Lyrics

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15. Angela Brownridge Satie: Gymnopedie No. 1 I'll never let this I'll never let this Go Go Go You're the …
Gymnopedie No. 1 주의 이름 높이며 주를 찬양하나이다 나를 구하러오신 주를 기뻐하나이다 하늘 영광 버리고…
Gymnopédie No.1 주의 이름 높이며 주를 찬양하나이다 나를 구하러오신 주를 기뻐하나이다 하늘 영광 버리고…
Hackett John and Steve How did I know that the warmth of the glow…
J.S. Bach Orchestra & Walter Rinaldi i hope you never hear this the same way. …
Jean-bernard Marie You've cried the last tear you're gonna cry You've kissed yo…
London Philharmonic Orchestra Ave maria Gratia plena Maria gratia plena Maria gratia pl…
Robin Williams Last night I came home, but you weren't there, Found…

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Sports et divertissements: 21. Le Tennis Dahulu terasa indah Tak ingin lupakan Bermesraan s′lalu jadi…

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Pessoa Reclusa

Gymnopédie, música de Erik Satie
Que traz melancolia em cada nota
E me faz sentir a solidão
Das ruas vazias e escuras

Não há alegria nessa composição
Apenas uma melancolia suave
Que me envolve como um manto
E me leva a lugares distantes

Ouço as teclas do piano
Que deslizam sem pressa
Como uma brisa suave
Que sussurra ao meu ouvido

E sinto a tristeza da noite
Que se aproxima lentamente
Como uma névoa densa
Que obscurece a luz do sol

Mas ao mesmo tempo, há uma beleza
Nesse som triste e solitário
Que me acalma e me inspira
E me faz sentir vivo, mesmo na escuridão

Gymnopédie, música de Erik Satie
Que me faz sentir a alma da música
E a beleza da melancolia.

shaylee edwards

As she watched her little girl laugh and play with her father in the lavender field she had grown up by, she realized that she was breaking the pattern that her parents had set in place. Her daughter was happy and smiling with her dad she knew would never leave them. 'Why couldn't i have that?' she thought to herself with a stoic smile on her face. She was doing so much better than her parents had done with her and she was finally proud of herself. If only they could see her now. They would realize what they had done.
"mommy! mommy!" she's brought back to the real world as she hears her daughter calling her name, running towards her with a big smile on her cute little face. She has the tiniest handful of lavender for her mother, as she was only 4 and about as tall as a large baby doll.
"These are for you mommy!" the girl says.

Her voice sounds like heaven flowing down to earth, her eyes like stars. She's just like the little girl the woman always wanted. Her favorite song as a child was Erik Satie - Gymnopédie No.1 and the little girl reminded her of that song.

She took the flowers, and stared at them.
"Thank you my darling," She said in a silvery voice and looked back up at the child with a grin. "They are beautiful and i'll keep them until they can't be kept anymore." The happy little girl lit up with zeal and smiled as wide as she possibly could.
"Thank you mommy!!" The little girl runs back to her father and the woman catches his eyes from across the field. He smiles. She smiles back, golden brown hair flowing in the wind. She knows her daughter is safe now.

They're safe.

Her name was Leslie.
She treats her children as her mother treated her.
Leslie knows only what was on the surface of her mother's life and what had happened to her as a little kid.
Her mother died at 47.
Her husband lived on and kept her story with him and saw her everywhere.
He was very much in love with the woman.
He was also the only one who knew her family secret and knew about everything that had happened to her.

idk i wrote what this song made me think abt.. pls dont hate ill cri

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Max G

This song is not sad, it’s not happy. It’s nostalgic. It’s both. And it makes me want to cry and laugh.



Captain HuggyFace

@Alex Savova ya i was listening to sweden and i thought i had clicked the wrong song

Captain HuggyFace

very well said sir


the power of impressionism music

Dead Person

Cry and smile*

43 More Replies...

shante martin

its amazing how a song can MAKE you feel emotions. no lyrics or anything, just pure music

Pedro Ramirez

@MrGodofcars Well, give your a definition, surely it is more assertive.


@Pedro Ramirez That's not the definition of art


@Eric Black Media soundtracks can be pretty relaxing too; check this out for example:

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