Seasick Steve Lyrics

Used to live behind a grocery store
Newspaper as my bed
Cooked my food on old canned heat
It weren't fancy but it sure were cheap

Lord you'd be surprised
At what the stores do throw away
A loaf of bread just little a little bit green
A can of Campbells past its date
A bag of oranges just too sweet
Something else I think that used to be meat
That's the thing about living on the street
It ain't to fancy but it sure is cheap

It sure is cheap

Get tired of eating home
I just walk down the street
Salvation army sing about Jesus
Lord, it's time to eat

It sure is cheap

Everything I have in the world
I could carry on my back
I wanna get to New York City
Just head to the railroad track
Well now it's time for me to go
I gotta train to meet
It ain't the fastest way I know
But Lord it sure is cheap

It sure is cheap
It sure is cheap
Lord it sure is cheap

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Comments from YouTube:

Michael Gregg

this man is a legend. he makes me wanna pack my bags and go see the world and not worry about money


"Garage" to the bone! This man is one of the reasons i still have hope in music!

clarissa castro

I will keep saying, we need more of these musicians, seasick steve is a kind and plain genius

Roy Scobie

Seasick Steve is a musical phenom. One of the best live acts I've ever seen!


I think everyone should spend a week, a month or even a year living off the grid. My time was 1989. Most of my friends were homeless and yet attending college. I couldn't get that high up. I was amazed they were in college.


I am not going to get into dispute about blues. Its all just about this thril that goes down mine spine every time I hear him.


He actually produced Long Drive... and Interstate 8 and played live with MM. You can see his real name, Steve Wold, on the album credits.


Holy shit, every song i hear by this guy is more ballsy and full of feeling than hte last one. Proper blues.


Pure Genius. One of the very few originals breathin' today. Bed Tom Waits wishes he'd written this song!

James Mcginty

Hot damn now this is some real music !

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