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You've Made Your Bad
Skin (Deborah Anne Dyer) Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Skin (Deborah Anne Dyer):

As Long As That's True Tell me this fight Was just a cause That we will die With…
Burnt Like You You'll always be a born Worn out loser Still blaming all of…
Don't Let Me Down You always say I want too much Is it such a crime To…
Faithfulness Faithfulness Distracts me from my ever changing Tastefulne…
Getting Away With It I've been walking in the rain Just to get wet…
I'll Try I don't understand nothing less Than this bitter release Y…
Just Let The Sun I walked into the sea Those waves they came for me Egged…
Kill Everything There's no point in being careful I'll burn bridges anyway …
Listen To Yourself You're talking In circles The words spit out your head Th…
Lost What was I waiting for Waiting for the bubble to burst Ove…
Nothing but Please believe me I'm ecstatic for you Well why should I p…
Purple Purple washes over me Seeping through my open seams I'm…
The Trouble With Me Can't see you through your blinding words Eyes burning thro…
Trashed I'm like a soldier With no cause to fight Playing with bar…
You've Made Your Bed I'm a one night stand Screwed the whole damn year 'Cause y…

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I’ve never been so impressed by Skeppy’s math.

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@Noah Meserve still surprised he knows it he makes a living off of messing with a grown man and calling him bald

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@NotNad btw your wrong

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Bbh for a family friendly guy has a serious gambling addition

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Everyone has their dark side

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