Skinny Puppy Lyrics

linger tasting rotten soil
within the baker's deadly toll
in the morning's dirty rash
the rush hours kissing ass
finger through the dirty things
inside and out of everything
skirmish on the outer edges
of every single body's mind
simmer on the holy scale
these vision makers only fail
the fear of god on high

I've been out, so out of it
I've been hiding out
I've been hiding out of it
hiding so far out

I've been out, so out of it
I've been so far out
I want to be out of it
What a way back out....

this been toasted walk upon
then giving up what we've become
all cinders on this rocky road
melted ice cream overload
jump the prison plan advised
we'll make you feel the jim jones vibe
as if to drink their poison
somehow better than what we become
by vaporizing any of this wishful unsafe trip
catch the very essence draining
on this slowly sinking ship
moving on towards horizons
what's conceived will never be
i'm thinking of saying anything
and clinging

i've been out, so out of it
i've been hiding out
i've been hiding out of it
hiding so far out

find a way back out
what a way back out...

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Comments from YouTube:

Kim Galle

Harsh vocals matched with melodic synths? Match made in heaven.

Issue Hound

The USA loves SK. $666,000 to charity! Yes!

eric bryant

maybe it was some gtmo insider twisted fan  as a guard or he had a conspirant to get the govt sued

fred handy

"D...Do ya hear that? The music. A band. Do you hear it? Did somebody hear?!"
Dig It; Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse

Inachu Ikimasho

@ishedolewz It is from the twilight zone. The episode where the astronauts land on the
planet of the dead.

eric bryant



For the longest time i thought it was don knotts from the ghost and mr chicken. Lol

fred handy

I like the sampling from the early days but this is still good stuff. I've heard that getting the rights to use samples has gotten too expensive and it just takes too long to get clearance that's why many bands don't use them anymore. Besides, finding all those cool Outer Limits/Twilight Zone/Horror samples was Dwayne's Goettel's job.

RLee Roberts

Nah...they just got lazy and irrelevant.
There are PLENTY of public domain movies available to sample from

Demetrios Pappas

The only way to use samples without having to pay royalties is you can only use up to 30 seconds of a sample

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