Song Of A Baker
Small Faces Lyrics

There's wheat in the field
And water in the stream
And salt in the mine
And an aching in me

I can no longer stand and wonder
''cause I'm driven by this hunger
So I'll jug some water
Bake some flour
Store some salt and wait the hour

While I'm thinking of love
Love is thinking for me
And the baker will come
And the baker I'll be

I am depending on my labour
The texture and the flavour


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Jeremy Williams

This is an amazing track; you can see how powerful of a force they were and how just amazing the craftsmanship of the song is, on all levels - musically, lyrically...It's a fantastic song. Live, the harmonizing vocals and power of all the players really comes through - what a beast on the skins Kenney Jones was - how fucking great are Marriott, Lane and McLagan? Screaming Trees did a version of it in 1992, probably one of the few bands that could do it justice.

The Small Faces were amazing and are an example of what the music business (in that time) could do to a wonderful band. Their earlier manager (Don Arden - Sharon Osbourne's dad I believe) really didnt treat them like the phenomenal band they were and by many accounts overworked trying to treat them like they were a flash in the pan and screwed them over many times - then they were on Andrew Loog Oldham's label.

A lot has been written about that era- it's really a tale of how greedy, shortsighted management can interfere with the trajectory of talented artists.

I have read that they didnt feel they could take Ogden's on the road properly - but if this performance is any indication that isnt correct. Sadly Marriott passed away in 1991 in a fire and I've read that he never got royalties on this.

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Mark Alan

Marriott is THE most 'unsung', under-rated rock star of the era.


@Steven Rathwell second that although a lot of the time I get blamed for being too hard on Rod Stewart heh heh. He was rock adjacent, Steve was rock concentrate

Steven Rathwell

more talent, musicianship & charisma in one finger than Rod Stewart had in his whole career :P

forever music Eternal

Sulfock Ice music okey 🤎


@ouFabLs eK-LLangir0611 The Small Faces had a synergy. It's a shame Steve left the others.


​@ouFabLs eK-LLangir0611 you're correct that the Faces blow

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Brian Levine

Had the Small Faces had decent management, they could've been one of the biggest acts of the 60's. Incredibly creative. Not sure if anyone had more energy than Steve Marriott.

Кирилл Кучеров

@Brian Levine Keith Richards (reportedly) was so obsessed with Steve's on-stage charisma and voice that he wanted him to be the new vocalist for the Stones. Surprisingly, Mick Jagger wasn't so enthusiastic about that. 😀

Brian Levine

@GreatToonz I'll take Marriott over Stewart and Wood. Nobody had that energy.


@Brian Levine When they morphed in the Faces with Rod they were certainly huge in North America as well.

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