Good Moring Little Schoolgirl
Sonny Boy Williamson Lyrics

A good morning little schoolgirl,
Can I go home with you?
Tell your mama and your daddy,
That I'm a little schoolboy too

Baby I love you,
I just can't help help myself
You're so good looking pretty babe,
I don't need nobody else.
Good morning little schoolgirl,
Can I go home with you?
Uh, Uh, Uh
I'm gonna leave you baby,
About the break of day
On account of the way you treat me,
I've got to stay away

A good morning little schoolgirl,
Can I go home with you?
Tell your mama and your daddy,
That I'm a little schoolboy too

Come on pretty baby,
Oh you know I can't help myself
Uh, Uh, Uh
I'm gonna buy me an aeroplane,
To fly all over your town.
And tell everybody baby,
Lord knows you've been putting me down.

I can't stand it babe,
Just cannot help myself
You're so young and pretty,
But you're lovin' somebody else

A good morning little schoolgirl,
Can I go home with you?
Uh, uh, uh
Oh babe what you do to me,
I can't help myself

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Carlos Sousa



Williamson's final recording session took place in Chicago in December 1947, in which he accompanied Big Joe Williams. On June 1, 1948, Williamson was killed in a robbery on Chicago's South Side as he walked home from a performance at the Plantation Club, at 31st St. and Giles Avenue, a tavern just a block and a half from his home, at 3226 S. Giles. Williamson's final words are reported to have been "Lord have mercy".

Williamson is buried at the former site of the Blairs Chapel Church, southwest of Jackson, Tennessee. In 1991, a red granite marker was purchased by fans and family to mark the site of his burial. A Tennessee historical marker, also placed in 1991, indicates the place of his birth and describes his influence on blues music. The historical marker is located south of Jackson on Tennessee State Highway 18, at the corner of Caldwell Road.


His legacy has been somewhat overshadowed in the postwar blues era by the popularity of the musician who appropriated his name, Rice Miller, who after Williamson's death went on to record many popular blues songs for Chicago's Checker Records and others and toured Europe several times during the blues revival in the 1960s. The recordings made by Williamson between 1937 and his death in 1948 and those made later by Rice Miller were all originally issued under the name Sonny Boy Williamson. It is believed that Miller adopted the name to deceive audiences (and his first record label) into thinking that he was the "original" Sonny Boy.[3] In order to differentiate between the two musicians, many later scholars and biographers have referred to John Lee Williamson (1914–1948) as Sonny Boy Williamson I and Miller (c. 1912–1965) as Sonny Boy Williamson II.

To add to the confusion, around 1940 the jazz pianist and singer Enoch Williams recorded for Decca under the name Sonny Boy Williams and in 1947 as Sunny Boy in the Sunny Boy Trio.

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Rice Miller aka Sonny Boy Williamson II must be laughing in his grave watching this dedication video to John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson with his picture first appearing in the video! Great song! Big Joe Williams & Robert Nighthawk on guitars in this recording which appeared in 1937.

Flora Bunda

Sure didn't help me in my search for the original Sonny Boy Williamson, since all I had to go by were their faces (and the fact the First died young.) The First very handsome, the 2nd gnarly nose and no front teef., uh, teeth. Ok on with the search.

nathaniel ford

love this song more than anything else in this world.... I sure hope that i can listen to this when i die.... Fantastik




I tell ya its not every day that you get to hear some Sunny Boy Williamson or wait , I guess now you can

Windy I.

Wonderful recording...took me back. Thank you for posting this. Cheers

Arthur Davis

Usual error in showing a picture of Rice Miller and not John Lee Williamson. "When will they ever learn?"

ben steer

Every bloody time. Sonny boy 1 playing and sonny boy 2 in the pic. Although the second pic is sonny 1 at least

Ramona Lujan

Never gonna learn
But Sonny Boy can jam
Get on Sunny Boy get on

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Darrian Mitchell

He was teaching a teenaged Billy Boy Arnold how to play before he was killed...Arnold lived down the street from Sonny Boy and had only recently summoned up the courage to knock on Sonny Boy's door to ask him for lessons

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