One World
Square One Lyrics

(feat. Ali Vegas)

Ya'll know I'm young and witty, only my guns is pretty
Got Ali(Rasul)running with me, ya'll can come and get me
Find me in the slums of fifties, gutter campaigns from Poughkeepsie
That'll leave one in your kidney!
If you run against me, I've got killer flows,
Ain't no monkey-business in gorilla fros
Use music to heal a soul, all my young shorties fulfill your goals
Life is more then just the fastest cars & the illest
Cloths! Tim'lands and whites, linen with ice
Winning with dice, cinnamon wife blend with the trife!
Repenting to Christ, vacating where the temperature's nice
Penderin' twice, that's what I call: Living the Life..

Yo it's the same hood money guns bottles of Cane
We can take what tomorrow'll bring
But as the days pass, our mottos'll change..
It's all one world, divided by bars and the chains, sorrow & pain
Follow the game gospels came with bullets ans slugs
Took it to bloods of Abraham's crooks and them thugs
Hookers in clubs, little girls cooking up drugs
Who am I to rearrange their outlooks of love?!
My footage on dubs is like Holy Books from above

Saying Allah U Akbar, still shook from his grudge
Shook to be judged, balls of fire false desire
Crawling up higher until my laws retire
Yo, cutting no slacks, busting no caps
We've learned to reevaluate and muscle our tracks
My lungse'll colapse 'cause I keep cussin' on wax
How many rappers do you know still hustling crack?


Now they're really gonna hate us! The Square and Ali Vegas
Makin' papers. You can't escape the vapors
If the music doesn't work go back to stagin' capers
It ain't our fault they say it's what the devil made us
Whether mikes or skypagers, gats or crossfaders,
The game's the same and it's played by all ages
Laced with raw flavas, make ya'll wanna taste it
Niggas throw your guns in the air, hoes get naked
Our motto. Pop bottles after we shake it
The lifestyles of young brothas tryin' to make it
Whips, exotic trips, and large bank statements,
It's yours and it's there to be taken

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