State of the Union, Rupture: We need your help!

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by State of the Union

Make me remember something
How did we get inside this mess?
I am holding on tight to avoid the fall
Unwilling to accept what life beholds

What do you know? why do you talk?
What do you think you are trying to achieve?
Why do you break? why do you spoil?
When in my heart I held the storm

And if you see me walking by
Don't get to close 'cause I may burst
And if you see tears in my eyes
Don't even think... I'll be just fine!

I'm trying in vain to tie the ends
I'm open to anything that works
But you come around to stir the pain
To tap the hole inside my soul

Take me, break me, fracture
What's left of this?
And strike me, bite me, suck me
I'm over this romance

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