Electric Slim and the Factory Hen
T. Rex Lyrics

On the street, people call you a foxy girl,
Me, I'm loose, like a golden goose, you can have my juice.

Steady on soldier, watch what your doing to my girl,
Steady on soldier, watch what your doing to my girl.

Electric slim, and the factory hen man, they ain't my kind,
At dead of night, like a fiery kite, you've been on my mind.

Frozen feet on a winter street, man that ain't your fate,
Greased in the sun, California fun, man that's more my style

Contributed by London H. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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michael foley

I have listened to bowie,U2,Bonjovi,guns&roses,Celine Dion Slade but to name a few the list goes on and can honestly say Marcs music reaches deep in side my soul like no other.How can Marc be likened to bowie I've listened to his stuff its just music you might not understand Marc's words but who really cares he paints images in your mind words are irrelevant its the feel of the song that makes you listen and Marc has more feeling than any other band or singer I have ever heard in my life even Elvis I always end up with T.Rex day or night love it to bits Yeah💕

cats raptor231

I couldn't have said it better myself = ]

Susan Kirkland

michael foley well said Michael

Bruce Luett

You do know that Lady Stardust was Marc Bolan?

Dave Wray

It is because he seems real and almost attainable, he had the ability to come thru a lens and a speaker, so to speak.

Thomas Huth

michael foley I must say, I feel the same. It seems to need some congenial mind to him to feel like this. Just said.


I think this is one of the best songs of all time. Cosmic Blues at its best! The high water Marc of R&R before the corporate takeover. Takeover because this music is too dangerous to their agenda.

cats raptor231

I'm with you!

Dace Ghoul

tanx is the best record

Right Turn Clyde

This is such an underrated gem. One of Marc's best tunes.

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