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by Takfarinas

mathecfed assen asseni nemyussan uliw yejrah kemi ithidewan thayriw yemuthen thenhayad edguem lekmeghed segsen ussan ziden andalan wussan eni anwathnidyaren ghas di lemnam oh oh oh oh
Nadia Nadia thenidiyid ughaled ughaled ghuri
2eme couplet
mathecfid ahkigham urefiragh nigham thayriw dileqda3 ithezdagh mat hudredts akmethud akemthesefrah mathghedredts akmthghuc akem thejrah akem thejrah akem theqrah akem ethru ats3agded oh oh oh
Nadia Nadia thenidiyi ughaled ughaled ghuri
3eme couplet
hedrentam waliw ursentefhimad isselfam ufussiw urdaset husad thessawalam thayriw thes3ozoged iruhen zahriw yufakem edwayed aruhagh enejlagh etswaqerhagh ets3aguidagh oh oh ohhhhhhhhhh
Nadia Nadia adayen rohagh dayen etsuyi

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