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Tame Impala Lyrics

But is there something more than that?

Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC
Written by: KEVIN PARKER

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Comments from YouTube:

Grace Ducroiset

headphones with this song is the most beautiful thing to ever exist

Charlie Peterson

this has the same vibe

Jamie Behan

@K-leb if you have a great speaker set up headphones cant compare

Luke Patto

Do this but with nitrous oxide.

Lost Echo

@Matthew Larkin Nah, try nags and nangs. I've never tried it, but it has to be the best combo, surely.

N8 oh

Try 2 huge ass speakers on both sides of you while you lie down on a bed... now do that on acid... life changed.

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Blond Human

It’s named after a drug for a reason

Lenox Bean

@Wilford Brimley Ah I was wondering what the drug was. We call em Whippets/Whip-its in the UK, cuz people normally get em out of whipped cream can production

Charlie Peterson

so is this. it's got. the same enrgy

Lost Echo

@nikola petrakiev bruh, this song is litterally named after using nitros oxide to produce a high. Keving parkers music is litterally psychedelic rock/pop. The whole thing that inspired Kevin parker to even start tame impala was an acud trip.

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