Tank Lyrics

Wakey, wakey...
Hated you for far too long, you're just so damn polite
You've been screaming, shouting all night long
That you we've gotta get wrecked tonight...
I don't know when to stop... I just can't get enough...Shellshock!
It's getting late in the evening, I can't wait to turn the lights out...
Come down from the ceiling, don't stop just burn me out...
I don't know when to stop, I just can't get enough...Shellshock!
Some of the things you do... I just don't understand
But those strange things that you do... must mean I'm going mad
I don't know when to stop... I just can't get enough...Shellshock!
Those strange things that you give to me you give me...Shellshock!

Contributed by Jack F. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Denny Shoopman

Some kick ass party tunes there!! Many good times to this band! I saw them in 83 at the Elzer Hof Halle, Mainz, Germany with Metallica. Ride the Lightning tour.


@Iron Hammer that was 85. doesn't matter . im jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iron Hammer

Ride The Lightning tour in 1983? Ride The Lightning was released in july 1984.

henry 63

I remember very well this song...awesome 🇮🇹

vlad drac

This 1st tank album is awesome

Jesse Rothbeind

Ahhh great memories from this album!!

Rowan Buck

This was on James Hetfield’s personal playlist when he was on Its Electrics With Lars Ulrich


Should have had tnotb from 82 instead

Evergreen Combat Zone

Witchfinder General is also AWESOME

Javier Pino

best nwobhm band ever!!!

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