The Coldest Days Of My Life
The Chi-Lites Lyrics

I remember, oh yeah
The signs of springtime
There were birds, music
Everywhere, everywhere

Some of us played, oh yeah
And some of us cried
Can't you see, oh, can't you see
The tears in my eyes?
And what I had dreamed of, oh Lord
I thought it was here
10 feet tall, oh, I was riding so high
With eyes of a child, oh
Shining so bright, yes they were

Coldest days of my life
They were the coldest days of my life
I had to run for cover, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Cold, coldest days of my life
I thought there was no other, no, no, no, no

Lord, take away the pain
Oh, You know, You know
That it falls like rain
And it couldn't be much worse

Down below, down below, down below
Low, down below
It just couldn't be much worse
Down below
It just couldn't be that bad

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Comments from YouTube:

Eddie Mac

I was soooo sad in my early teens and most people around me didn't know. This song - I played it again and again without really understanding the full meaning, it seemed to make me sadder and sadder but somehow it helped me through. FIFTY years later (wow!) I'm still above ground. I never would have imagined back then that, I would last HALF this amount of time. I thank God for the experiences I've had (ALL of them) and for the ones to come. Surely I digressed a little.... Great song, great band, great genre!


I was the exact same way. Sp depressed when I was younger. Giving God praise that I no longer believe the lies that hindered me as a child/young adult 🙏

Tyrone Davis

This song was so smooth, I’m 70yrs old now and still is one of my favorite songs.

John Robertson

me too bullied, life has been a struggle

Terence A. Farrar

One of the greatest songs ever recorded, WOW!!!

call me Mr G G

This song has everything to make you cry .. beautiful lyrics The wind and The rain the birds and that violin OMG my favorite song I remember the 45 version it was on both sides part one and two

Ricky L Brown

This is the Blackness I remember. I think I was around 7 years old when this particular album came out. My mother used to put is to sleep playing 45's of all the latest R&B. She had worked at a local record shop and so we had a steady flow of the Dramatics, the Temprees, the Main Ingredients, the Dells, just all of that Black Gold that wasn't played on the radio. I fell in love with falling asleep at night. I was always wrapped in the softness of these strong voices and the images of what I thought they were trying to convey back then. Today I hear the words and music and realize what a beautiful time I have lived in. I wouldn't trade it for any amount of money. I miss these times. Thus, I suppose that's precisely why I only listen to my Black ass oldies. Nothing else is music to me.

Daniella de groote

chi always made it. 4 lead singers and still standin! respect rick

Crystal Green

Thanks for sharing that warm memory

Anjeanette Harris

Same thing with me!!! This is REAL music right here, the same music I grew up listening to!!! Today's music seriously has gone downhill since the beginning of the 21st century in my opinion!!!

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