Indian Summer
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I love you, the best
Better than all the rest
I love you, the best
Better than all the rest
That I meet in the summer
Indian summer

That I meet in the summer
Indian summer

I love you, the best
Better than all, the rest

Overall Meaning

The Doors' song "Indian Summer" is a love song that expresses the singer's feelings towards his beloved partner. The repeated phrase "I love you, the best, better than all the rest" emphasizes the depth of the singer's love and commitment to his partner. The line "Indian summer" refers to the season of late summer/early autumn, a time of fading warmth and beauty, symbolizing the fleeting nature of love and life. It also sets the mood of melancholic reflection that characterizes the song.

Throughout the lyrics, the singer contrasts his love for his partner with his encounters with other love interests during Indian summer. Despite the temptation and distractions of other romantic possibilities, he affirms that his love for his partner is unmatched, and he considers her to be the best of them all. The song captures the intensity and purity of romantic love, as well as the complexity of human relationships.

Overall, "Indian Summer" is a poetically rich and musically captivating song that showcases The Doors' poetic and musical talents. The song is a testament to the enduring power of love and its ability to transcend time and seasons, making it a timeless classic.

Line by Line Meaning

I love you, the best
Out of all the people I have been with, I love you the most.

Better than all the rest
I find you better than anyone else I have been with or could be with.

That I meet in the summer
This love is happening during a short period of time, in the warmth of summer vibes.

Indian summer
The pleasant and warm weather that comes in the fall, the perfect weather to enjoy with my significant other.

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Rafaela Linke

Toda vez que alguém curtir esse comentário eu volto ouvir essa maravilha e lembrar dele. 💜🖤

Chris’ Experience

It’s unreal this was the first song The Doors ever recorded. Then it was Moonlight Drive. What talent.


This is a song that was done way later how do you know it was recorded first? This album is a few years later

Gianluca Paradiso

@no1nestandsalone u can find it in the demos of '66

Frank Stared

Best song they ever wrote.

Gary Davenport

@Gianluca Paradiso first demos were in 1965 sep 2


@no1nestandsalone I believe Rob and Jim said themselves that it was their first

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The Doors always had this sort of mystical eeriness I can't quite explain


I’ve had this album for 50 years and this song is no less beautiful than on day 1.


Your comments are the rich ones here.

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