Great Moments
The Lacs Lyrics

Good evening
Your welcome to another great moment in redneck history
Henry Thompson was a struggling locksmith and a party time inventor
He was working in his barn one cool
November day when he discovered he had a rat problem
Every day he would try too work but the
Rats multiplied and it became unbearable
He tried everything but nothing seemed to work
Then it came to him one night in a dream
He would just use the same concept
As a bear trap just on a smaller scale
So he took some spring out of a door lock
And rigged up a trap system on a wooden board
He cocked it and then he put a piece of
Cheese on it before he went to bed that night
And it worked like a charm so the next
Few days he set traps all around his barn
And within a week he doesn't have a rat problem anymore
And we want to thank you Mr.
Henry I Hate Rats Thompson for the world's first mouse trap
This had been another great moment in redneck history
(Boy Stop)

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