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Nowhere I'd Rather Be
The Proms Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Proms:

Take My Heart You close your tired eyes Some times you have to let…
Thake my heart You close your tired eyes Some times you have to let…
Walking in the Rain I want him, and I need him, And someday someway woo…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

michal makowski

No comments 2 y
Love you man
This is one of my favourite after 25 min im gone gusebumbs ans staff
Sam times my eyes go wild water and staff
This is fucking emotional for me
Melody and beat, love it wow
Any chance to see you in Edinburgh again
Maybe with Dream Team?

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Jason Becker

It's funny how hard it is to explain to people how valuable this guy is to the future of music. Imagine a band of Beardys'. Hopefully we'll be seeing a product line on the market soon!!

Brad Smith

Check out the hologram video he did. JFB scratches many beardy'men' lol

Yvan Cluet

@orbik if musicians can jam together without speaking, live producers / whatever it is that beardy man does should be able to do as well

Swen Gross

Agreed, but it's mainly not the tech(nique) that makes him so special, the main surplus - at least in my book - is the extraordinary bandwith of musical understanding to create intersections on the fly.

Friesen Eduard

They'd just have to be synched in one bpm counter and be able to draw from other's samples/ use filters on these. I can imagine simpler Beardytrons for electronic music. Today effects are generally used on single instruments with a single Master. What I can see in not distant avantgarde music, are Beardytrons that can overwrite/ effectivelly shut the other person machinery down. Maybe we should add sexy AI to compete like they do in AI vs human chess.

Apropos the sex robot, if you would justpay attention to all the technical parts are sticking into his face..

Julian Romero

Well, if the very own Guitar God Jason Becker says so... It must be the case!

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No money to hire a DJ?

No problem! Just cue up a half dozen Beardyman vids and you're off the hook.

richard kovanda

the thing is, Beardy is only artist I know of, whom everytime I heard him, he played something different and that"s bloody wicked!

Pedro Petracco

@Sebastian Kleinod Aw yea! Tash rocks.

Pedro Petracco

Reggie Watts as a close second, anyone..?

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