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Hook Me Up
The Proms Lyrics

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Alex Chilton Watson Hello Is there anybody out there ? I'm alone han…
Bon Jovi Hello, is there anybody out there? I'm alone hanging by a…
Bon Jovi [ ] Hello, is there anybody out there? I'm alone hanging by a…
CDB Want to get to know you want to spend a…
Kevin K. Band You’re like a small batch heart attack Bourbon I could drink…
Schulmädchen Refrain: No way don´t you dare to stop Come I´m about to…
The Veronicas I'm tired of my life. I feel so in between. I'm sick…
Veronicas (The) I'm tired of my life. I feel so in between. I'm sick…

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Take My Heart You close your tired eyes Some times you have to let…
Thake my heart You close your tired eyes Some times you have to let…
Walking in the Rain I want him, and I need him, And someday someway woo…

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Gary Jaffe


Opinions about art are always subjective, but I believe OKLAHOMA! is a far superior and more important musical than THE SOUND OF MUSIC. OKLAHOMA! is often credited as “the first truly integrated musical” – meaning it combines the book, the songs and the dances into one cohesive telling of a story. Much of the credit deservedly goes to Oscar Hammerstein (who wrote the book as well as the lyrics), and Agnes de Mille’s “Dream Ballet” is impressively built around Laurie’s afternoon dream, exploring the character’s feelings, fears and fantasies. This marked a huge leap forward for the art form in both style and substance.
Hammerstein’s early career was writing operettas with various composers, most successfully with Jerome Kern. Their 1927 collaboration for SHOWBOAT is rightfully recognized as an early masterpiece. But, it was still slightly weighted in the operetta tradition. Hammerstein had six flops in a row when he partnered with Richard Rodgers whose melodies are arguably as beautiful as Kern’s, but more accessible to a wider audience, which freed Hammerstein from writing lyrics for operettas that were narrowly focused and steeped in a stiff formality. I’m a big fan of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s bigger works – the collaboration of Rodger’s gorgeous yet relatable compositions and Hammerstein’s keenly intelligent, often witty, character-specific lyrics laid the groundwork for the Golden Age of Musical Theatre.
I would argue that the score to OKLAHOMA! is far more impressive than THE SOUND OF MUSIC. Act One includes three songs that are examples of why the show enjoys its game-changing status.
The opening, "Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'" is sung by Curly, alone on the stage – not the traditional full cast, up tempo opening to dazzle and excite the audience, but a simple sentiment that sets a tone of the relaxed, unhurried pace of life subtly says to a modern audience “this is not going to be a big, flashy entertainment with dancing girls to keep the men in the audience happy.” There is a legendary quote about the tryout period: "No legs, no jokes, no chance." Read more here about that:
But, the reviews were stellar, inclusive of Brooks Atkinson in The New York Times saying that the opening number, "Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'" changed the history of musical theater: "After a verse like that, sung to a buoyant melody, the banalities of the old musical stage became intolerable."
"The Surrey with the Fringe on Top" is an early example of a musical theatre scene within a song. It’s impossible to resist the charms of this song where Curly tempts and teases Laurie with his vision of how it would be if she’d accept his invitation to accompany him to the upcoming box social, traveling in a fancy surrey that is clearly beyond Curly’s means. It begins with a typically boastful male tone, but slyly progressives to a skillful, seductive, sincere persuasion. It introduces Laurie and Curly’s dynamic masterfully, especially Hammerstein’s poetic, but grounded lyric imagery:
The sun is swimmin' on the rim of a hill,
The moon is takin' a header,
And jist as I'm thinkin' all the earth is still,
A lark'll wake up in the medder.
Hush, you bird, my baby's a-sleepin'!
Maybe got a dream worth a-keepin'
Whoa! you team, and jist keep a-creepin' at a slow clip clop.
Don't you hurry with the surrey with the fringe on the top!

The third is "People Will Say We're in Love” which I believe is the first time we have two main characters, clearly interested in one another, saying “Don’t do or say nice things – people will say we’re in love.” The audience is way ahead of these two young people, and fully drawn into rooting for them as a couple.
In contrast, I don’t feel any of the songs in THE SOUND OF MUSIC have that kind of power. The possible exception is the inspirational “Climb Every Mountain” in which The Mother Abbess reminds Maria how important it is she trust her deep faith and go forward on her journey of discovery and growth. However, I think it’s not as strong a song or sentiment as “You’ll Never Walk Alone” written by R&H fourteen years previous for the musical CAROUSEL.
Additionally, Act Two relies on five reprises, including the charmingly amusing “Maria” (the song the nuns sing about the lead character’s weaknesses and strengths), “Sixteen Going On Seventeen” (a sweet, pleasant duet) and then three songs that I find a bit grating, even if they are right for certain moments with the children: "My Favorite Things" (this is a second reprise of this song); "Do-Re-Mi" and "So Long, Farewell".
All this said, my favorite R&H shows (and scores) are CAROUSEL and THE KING AND I. Again, it’s all subjective and part of the beauty of any art form – once the creators complete their work, it goes out into the world and is received by each person in deeply individual ways.

Jiva Das

My first 78RPM album
(two 10.inch discs, 12 minutes)
when I was a 12yo n 1949
Years later I would see the movie
with Rod Steiger

This is a delightful new view.

Thank you, Gertrude Cummins.

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Michael Laskowski

The choreography is absolutely stunning!! And I loved the minimalist design of the production!! This is one of the classic musicals where less is more.

Tom Moncrieff

It’s not really minimalist, they planned simply to do a concert version, it was only for a few performances, to highlight the orchestra. But they just got into it, the talent was there, so they used it. It’s incredibly rare to stage anything at the Proms.

Jackie Warren

What a wonderful performance and such a great cast. The music was wonderful and it was so funny and congratulations to the whole cast and the wondercul orchestra and conductor. ❤❤ xx

The Transatlantic Exchange

Words cannot convey how marvelous this performance of "Oklahoma" was. What a breathtaking production at The Round, with an all-star cast of modern theatrical greats. The choreography, music and staging were superb. Nathaniel Hackmann as Curly and Scarlett Strallen as Laurey gave a performance matching their film predecessors, the great Gordon Macrae and legendary Shirley Jones. Ado Annie was marvelously played by Lizzy Connolly with an acerbic wit and naivete. It was equally fantastic to see the great Robbie Fairchild play Will Parker, whose role here can't even begin to compare to what he did as Jerry Mulligan in "An American in Paris," on Broadway and at the The Dominion in the West End in 2017. His full dancing, singing and acting abilities were on another plain and beyond description. David Seadon-Young gave a chilling, riveting performance of Jud and none of this would have been possible without the extraordinary orchestral talents of John Wilson. Bravo to this masterpiece in theatre and many thanks for sharing.

Martin Dooley

Maureen Lipman Aunt Eller -- Wonderful. Thanks for naming the cast members!

Derek Mulvana

At the age of 13, I was introduced to Oklahoma in a School Play. Got hooked the first time I saw it, I bought tickets for the three remaining nights. Just turned 60 now and nothing has changed, went to see an amateur Drama group perform Oklahoma last year, Even though I'm male I'm not ashamed to say I was emotional. Just watched this right through, Felt just the same and want to see it again, I like a lot of Musicals, but nothing has ever beaten Oklahoma in my world. Loved it

Kenneth Wayne

That shows what a great work of art can do for you. Rodgers and Hammerstein knew what they were doing.

Andy Robinson

This was my first stage musical! I’ve been lucky enough to play Will Parker 3 times since (amateur) but it led to my life time love of the stage, now 40 years later!


Greetings and salutations from New Brunswick, Canada.

I just stumbled into this marvelous production by accident this evening and had an instant flashback to 62 years ago almost to the day (Nov 24, 1959) when I stood on the stage of my high school and as Curly, belted out "Oh what a beautiful morning" to start our three night sold out run.

As I watched and sang along this evening, I could remember all the other cast member's names and for some reason, I can't recall what I had for supper tonight but I remember every lyric to every song.

It is certainly a timeless show and kudos to all involved in this production.


Ado Annie has the cutest Irish-Oklahoman accent I've ever heard. Wonderful performances all around! Absolutely love Nathaniel Hackmann, who came back to the U.S. after this to appear as Quasimodo in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" at the Fulton Theater in Lancaster, PA. He was phenomenal!

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