The Selecter Lyrics

Murder Ooh Murder
I said murder, ooh murder
I said murder
The That's what they want you to do

Please don't kill her, please don't kill her
Selecter Please don't kill her, please don't kill her
Please don't kill her
Murder That' what they want you to do
If I had a pair of wings
Songtexte I would fly away
I would fly with the morning bird
Songtext No one would know me at all

Murder, ooh...

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Comments from YouTube:

vince limtiaco

Rude boy always had ones 2tone selecter pin on my LAPEL.standard rude boy dress in the days of old.


The best of the 2-tone lot, in my opinion.

JM Jones

Without question.
Legit, hard AF; still standing. One more opinion from an 80's Bootboy

Jenni Madden

Love it! Specials memories come back !


Its great thanks I love The Selecter!


@ PabloEmilio1000: You're welcome, glad you enjoyed it... :-)



Craig Beasley

They still have so much to say! I'll love each and every one as long as we have life!

Steve Parry



Oh yes!! So good!

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