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Close to Me
by The Summer Set

We're gonna shake, shake
Til the break of dawn
Til our lungs give out and our voices gone
We're gonna shake, shake
Til the morning comes
So we can make the most, the most of what we got

Strike up the band, we'll play a little louder
Take the stage, they're already here
Light this town from the bottom up, until they wake up
Wake up

'cause i've been rolling in your bed all night
And i know, you're more than they see
And i can tell it'll be alright
And you know, you still look good to me

Tell me what do you want?

Tell me what do you want?

Get close to me
I wanna get you on your feet
And moving with me
I've been waiting on you
And i'll stand still
Until you come around
Oh, you come around

So slow down baby lets just take your time
To let your heart change your mind
Give yourself a reason
To give yourself a reason
To get up and drop, everything thats bringing you down

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