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Cross Your Fingers
by The Summer Set

Stay up around the clock
until you get your fix, you get your thrill
oh, i'm gonna keep you hear all night
if you're ready for this

i'm gonna give give, everything i've got
keep up, keep it down
i'm gonna give give everything i've got
keep it down

forget the night life
oh you're my favorite thing about this town
so come with me, i'll take you home
and you can stay the night
if you cross your fingers

you've got a heavy heart
i'm sure
you've got me where you want me
you're running circles in my head
are you restless? are you ruthless?
are you ready for this, are you ready?

stay up around the clock
keep up, keep it down
stay up around the clock
are you ready, are you ready for this?

forget the night life
(are you ready for this?)
you're my favorite thing
my favorite thing
you've got me where you want me
you've got me oh

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