The Hardest Button to Button
The White Stripes Lyrics

We started living in an old house
My ma gave birth and we were checking it out
It was a baby boy
So we bought him a toy
It was a ray gun
And it was 1981

We named him Baby
He had a toothache
He started crying
It sounded like an earthquake
It didn't last long
Because I stopped it
I grabbed a rag doll
And stuck some little pins in it

Now we're a family
And we're alright now
We got money and a little place
To fight now
We don't know you
And we don't owe you
But if you see us around
I got something else to show you

Now it's easy when you don't know better
You think it's sleazy?
Then put it in a short letter
We keep warm
But there's just something wrong
When you
Just feel that you're the hardest little button to button

I had opinions
That didn't matter
I had a brain
That felt like pancake batter
I got a backyard
With nothing in it
Except a stick
A dog
And a box with something in it

The hardest button to button
The hardest button to button
The hardest button to button
The hardest button to button

The hardest button to button
The hardest button to button
The hardest button to button

The hardest button to button
The hardest button to button
The hardest button to button
The hardest button to button

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: John Anthony White

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Sox Celts

This idea required that Gondry track down 32 identical Ludwig drum
kits, as well as 32 amplifiers and 16 microphone stands. The crew would
erect all the kits at once and Meg White would scoot from set to set as
Jack walked in front of a new set of amplifiers for each shot. Each time
the pair moved forward, the last set of instruments in line would be
peeled off and brought to the front. The amps were rented, but the drum
kits had to be purchased. (The band donated them to a music school after
the shoot, fearing they’d end up on eBay if they got back into
The laborious process made for three 16-hour days of shooting, all of
which had to be completed during daylight hours, per Gondry’s
specifications. “We didn’t hire any lights, so we had to do it all with
natural light. I had it very carefully planned out, though I realized
Jack was doing different expressions for each take and I didn’t correct
him. I initially told him to watch it, but I realized the result would
be very electric because each frame would jump around with different
In the finished video, White’s facial contortions heighten the feel
of a stop-motion nature documentary, even though the film was shot
continuously. Gondry said the stop-motion effect was created in the
editing room after the fact.

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Every time I play this song on the drums I end up in another city.

Sarah Navarro Duncan


elige brown


Terri Miller

Where are you now

Lucci Imperato

You too???!

Leon Aswind

At least you got like 80 drum set

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The crew who carried all the drums and amps for each take must be commended for their commitment to art!!

Gholam Da Pantaloon Sniffer

They would've just used trolleys to get them longer distances if anything

Thor Nil


Autumn Harvest

Jack White definitely had a friend who owned a music supply store

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