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Kleinequietboy Kleinequietboy

@Metacosmos music band Give it up homes. You don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
Sometimes the "jazz masters" play different arrangements. BUT some, like Monk often played some tunes exactly the same each time
at least considering the basic form and chords. If he changed it up too much, with the complexity of some of his tunes, like this one, his band would have gotten lost and messed it all up.
I just played it again with both versions. And a third , by Bud Powell, live in Paris.
Make it 4 versions, with the Live at Carnegie Hall, again with Coltrane., the first time through is Almost identical, and no changes to the basic chords or form throughout.
The Sher version matches perfectly. All 4 performances.
Just shut up now and don't talk again until you have actually played this song, on the piano with the Sher Version in front of you.
You are talking bullshit, because you haven't actually tested what I said.
Of course, he plays different solos, uses a different whole tone run in places, and adds altered tones, and here he plays rubato. Do you even play the piano? Can you play this tune?
Have you seen the Sher version?**
I'm talking about a chord and melody chart, not a transcription.
On every bar in the Sher version that I am looking at RIGHT NOW in this moment
and just played 2 minutes ago, every chord matches . The essential fill notes (descending from c in half steps in the 8th bar of the B section) are correct too.
OF course he solos and changes a few chords, the point is, the point you are missing, and for some reason of obstinate stupidity you won't let go of, if YOU play this song , right now ,with a group, or if you played this song right now, with Coltrane , using the Sher Real book version as your guide 
ONLY to the basic chord changes and form. you would be playing it so that it works, and you would have played no wrong chords to fuck up the other players. DUH? GET it?
Now go learn the song, get the Sher version and play it with several recorded versions, as I have.
And I have played it live, solo and with groups Listen to the Mehldau version with a guitarist.
Test it, and you ll see it's correct, it's perfect. Of course you can make small changes, but as far as presenting the correct chords , as you would want for ANY tune, like All the the Things you Are , or
Stella, this book gives you that.
He wanted his musicians to use the changes he intended, as you can see if you watch 
the documentary where he plays live with Griff and Phil Woods. He wanted them to play it exactly like he wrote it. He stopped them in the middle of a song in a command royal performance in London and made them start the song over.  
You can't fuck with his original chords too much on a Monk tune. How the hell do you think you can improve and do better than monk on his tune to choose a chord? You can try, but you won't. 
Any more than you can rearrange a Mozart piece better than Wolfgang. 
Monk was that good. There are no better chords than the ones he used, and he used the same ones 
almost every time at least whilst playing the melody. Mehldau and Bud played this tune nicely, but
really, nobody is ever going to play a Monk tune better than Monk, so you may as well at least learn his version, the skeletal chord progression at least and play it right once, and then give us your version.
Bud Powell played it exactly like this, except he didn't alter the chords as much as Monk. and adding a longer coda. He and the others learnt it by ear, of course in the 50's which is the way you should learn tunes, but what are the odds your bassist will hit the right root notes all the way through this tune without a good chord chart? Which you could write out, but will you? For every obscure tune on every gig? probably not.
Unless you can answer yes to all 3 questions (above)****, please shut up and let it go.

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One of the most beautiful ballads EVER written...Long Live Monk✊🏽

A. Z.

Maybe THE most beautiful. :)

leopoldo troconis

No hay comentario esta noche. La extraordinaria música que estoy viendo y escuchando transmitida por YOUTUBE me ha transportado a una DIMENSIÓN DESCONOCIDA, gracias. Desde Caracas, Venezuela un saludo afectuoso.

Charles Barry

A jazz original.He was criticized for lack of technique. A Europian tried to correct Monk's music by removing what he thought were wrong notes. He removed the very essence of the music. Play this music using " correct" technique destroys the very essence of Monk's music. Dissonance is a key element.

Dr. SamE

You can always re harmonize or re arrange piece of music to a subjective liking.

David 666

I think you're referring to Hans Groiner. His renditions are nice, but I too prefer the original. I mean where would Hans be today if it weren't for Monk himself?

Rex Bennett

you know that was a joke right - sarcasm is a little too hard for this one

James Reigle

Beautiful, museful melancholy. The blues, in short.


un des chefs d'oeuvre de Monk et J.C.

Aleksandar Ivanovic

Where can i find sheet music for this?

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