May The Cube Be With You
Thomas Dolby Lyrics

Late one night a happy martian with nothing to do
Made the perfect pleasure drug and he called it the Cube
A Cube so potent in a stroke it turned nightmares to dreams
He flew right past the planet Earth and he gave it to me
Then he said

May the Cube be with you
And your father
May the Cube be with you
Ever after

You might care to spend an evening with Marilyn Monroe
Share a cell with Jimmy Cagney or Paris with Brando
Drop some bombs on Maggie Thatcher or Ronnie Reagan
You see Cube power comes by the hour so why not have fun?
Right here

May the Cube be with you
And your father
May the Cube be with you
Ever after

Half a million people are such a sight to see
Lying in the sunshine in a private fantasy
But you got to have more
You won't stop 'til you get it all
And I would give it to you baby
But the law is catching up with me

Pending my interrogation and stuck for an excuse
I thought up two more variations on pastry abuse
I'm so very sorry constable but what can I do
When half the Western world is turning on to Dolby's Cube

May the Cube be with you
And your father
May the Cube be with you
Ever after

Written by: Thomas Morgan Robertson

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Comments from YouTube:

The Cringe Connoisseur

Amazing amazing song and seriously underrated artist


I loved it in the 80s and i love it now - funk is good for your health


when i was about 10 years old i used to listen to this song from a small town in California, people thought i was crazy for listening to this type of music

Savannah Rodriguez

I’m here in Cali too! And I went to his concert a few years back in the Largo in LA😇

Neil Morgan

You'd have been crazy not to listen to it 🤪


For 35 years I hoped to see that video again! The quality of the video's image is fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing! The "live" mention in the title is a misnomer, but I guess you did that to avoid it being censored? On a side note, I'm at a loss to understand why 7 people could "dislike" that video, honestly!

Thomas Minarchick Jr.

Why didn’t MTV play this on heavy rotation?! Dr. Funkenstein is a genius


In Italy they kept on playing the video. Got me hooked to both Thomas Dolby and George Clinton.

Thomas Minarchick Jr.

regitPaws I thought you meant he really planted one. He was wild. Dolby blowing up the White House is what did it


@Thomas Minarchick Jr. Yeah, watch the video 1:11

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