Uneven Structure Lyrics

A dense, dull quiver can be felt from far away
Morsels whirls all around, melting down
An aberration into the womb breaks the microcosm
Aurora of a new abstract and elaborated macrocosm
This irrepressible fever plucks on stimulations
A dim halo appears at the heart of this randomness
Its bracing radiation projects patterns all over
The splendor conveys me into a boiling torrent
Freed from the womb, an overwhelming light surrounds everything
Expelled through this intense breach
A whole new set of perceptions gives warmth
The cosiness of gestation has come to an end
Genesis of a new cycle, the dawn of life
As this intimate alcove transforms into a peculiar place
A protective entourage builds up, fulfilling me with great motives
This thirst for the unkown goads me to leave my nymph
A will to fully value every portion of this vast realm
Precise shapes appears as the bewilderneness of the elements is lessened
Merely displaying the underlying fabric of the environment
And I open my eyes to see a

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Kasper Hansen

This band deserves a LOT more attention!

(MZS)King :)

@StarScream 777 I was referring to the people who are still made lol

StarScream 777

I was actually saying I respect your growth and acknowledgement of being somewhere else a year or two ago .. I wasn't being salty .. take a song and a chill with you✌️

(MZS)King :)

Y'all are real fucking salty about a comment I made 5 years ago. Die mad about the past me I guess.

StarScream 777

@(MZS)King :) respect .. evolution 🤘

Saikat Biswas

@(MZS)King :) Your head is full of shit, FUCK YOU!!!!

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Liam Yates

as much as i love these guys, the drummers face just makes me crack up everytime

Robert Arias

they should of plugged their instruments into the trees


If a band did this in a music video I would absolutely lol 😂 😂

matenorth sall

Great band!!This singer can scream with passion and his cleans are awesome without sounding like a girl!

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