Bandman Nah
Vybz Kartel Lyrics

Badman nah look ooman
Book ooman, jook ooman
Den fly from room door and
Foot ooman fi 'pon puckuman
Plus man weh nyam ooman
Weh him do man?
You ever yet cook ooman?!
Badman buss it up 'pon a man
Weh hug up another man
Coulda daddy or brother man
Adam and Eve bond must stan
But Adam and Steve never inna shotta plan
Ghetto youth mek money
Tek money stash money
Inna bank book cash money
More money more trouble
More Moet more bubble
More weed more juggle
More Feds more trouble
More gal more sex
More car more flex
More phone more message inna tex
More shotta frien more Uzi and Tecks
Kartel flex mek bwoy get vex

Badman nah check fi hide
Badman nah check fi dead
Badman nah check fi run
Badman nah check fi beg
Badman nah check fi buss
Badman nah check fi stray
Badman nah check fi laugh
Badman nah check fi play

Everyday man dress
Inna Gucci and Guess
Crush cotton weh nuh press
Grand US nuttin less
Mek mi tell you somethin else
Mi nuh wear nuttin else
Than straight name brand
Costco you pain man
Gal love original but ooman a ginal
Clothes can't hold you gal
If you nuh sexual
Yuh haffi know how fi love her
Cock her up push her and
Shove her ever deh above her, dis who?
Bwoy dis mi crew
Man circle dem ends
Mek teflon nyam two
One, two, three, four
Portmore rise more 44
Dan any other man crew
Vybz Kartel a di War Angel
But di hostel blood run like pastel
Dis man from Boston head buss
Like gas pan wi nuh clash man
We crash man

Badman nah check fi hide
Badman nah check fi dead
Badman nah check fi run
Badman nah check fi beg
Badman nah check fi buss
Badman nah check fi stray
Badman nah check fi laugh
Badman nah check fi play

You know we roll inna Benz
Wid cruise control 'pon di ends
R1 and R6 are ready
Fi go 'pon gal patrol
Evidence how man a live large
Half of it have never been told
Part of it is that our chump change
Too big fi hold inna billfold
My youth don't touch my ice
You wi ketch cold
Mi nuh wear South Pole
Yow a just Gucci link
Armani Xchange, 100 gran a chump change
Me see things, tru Moschino shades
Fuck fucky gal, soon ketch AIDS
Not even di sea, create so much waves
Front row seats fi watch
Di cubs and di braves
Our version bigga dan King James
Wi gal catalog full of so many names
Girls weh dem only dream
'Bout a gimme brains
Dem tongue stick on 'pon
Mi cocky like Hanes,
Up to di time

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Naldo Brown

Still bad in a 2020

Neo Tellius

Mi fi tell yuh, mmhhmmm mi a real bad man

Sumit Kerai

Forever bad πŸ‘‘

Dev Clarke

no joke

JA Hustle

Still listening in 2090!!!

Lance Edward

Bad old grand daddy

jahcav 587

U ain't gonna be alive been nigga




@dre skull-3000 How yu mean bredda, gaza fi life

dre skull-3000

@MOLLY your way beyond your time!

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