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Do Di Maths
by Vybz Kartel

Subtraction suh mi do yo panty
Divide yo leg dem
Add up da f–k yah
Multiply my wood in a yo structure
Seh yo fearless don't fear the a ductor
Herb mi have a roll
Movie actor
Lui V shoes go si tell yo doctor
Teacher yo beat dem bad hi no
Backra, massa, some a seh Gully, some a seh Gaza
Smoke high grade low zaza
Portmore mall, yow plaza
Money a the cause a badmind
S–k yo mother yaw sah
Hotter than the tea in a the cup, in a the sasa

Mi a watch, dem a watch me
Dem a pree, my skin meck yo think mi a color tv
But mi no tv fi yo view youth
Mi no utibe, wa do you youth?

Wa do you youth, flower wa do you youth?
Wa do you youth, flower wa do you youth?
Wa do you youth, flower wa do you youth?
Yuh a red eye, yuh a bluetooth

Girl wid no hair look alright
But the tall hair girl hotter than her
When mi si a shine head girl mi seh avatar
Drive pass that in a the Benz
The sound turn up and the AC
High school Calabar
And if a no girl in a it a me one spar
A joke mi a meck star
Me and the tigs dem wi step star
Tell Gleaner… seh wa? A no dem alone meck star
Me meck star as well
Bring dem to the worl
Now a whole heap a money dem a meck star
All a mi youth dem go prep star

(Repeat 2X)

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Comments from YouTube:

Fila Nike

2020 still bumping to this. Big up World Boss from Kenya!!

Nicholas Riley

Vybz kartel is the best dancehall artist ever

I am King in my castle

Yes he is but on other site he is a idiot. That why he is wasting his life in prison. Having talent do not make people smart.

Andrene Christie


Young Wisespiri

world boss Sparta king Beenie man is no king!a addi a di king!!

world boss Sparta king

I don't get away from the fact vybz kartel is world boss and who is the king of dancehall aka Beeni man


Dancehall's top 3 artistes:

Rupert Men


Axel Hernandez

2° Tommy lee

Adonis bobby ncube

dis tune so sick mi hav to tell a doctor !!!! maaaaad !!!!!

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