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Warren G Lyrics

[Warren G]
Suckas be hatin when they know we makin cash
I don't give a fuck I'm still down and ready to smash
Haters be sayin Warren G fell off
How is that when I put the beach and Snoop on the map
The only way they comin to jack you
You better come right to save case and glocks on site
Ain't know body I know checkin for you
I got gold platinum look at my wrist fool
It's a million and one ways to what people say
They gone say what they say but they fail to display
Where I went wrong, can't I do right
In the city I face snitches, with no britches
Quick to judge and hold a grudge
and all this time I showed them love

Hook: [Warren G]
This is something fo you to bounce to
It's for the summer time I'm a hit switches for you
This is something for you to bounce to
This is something for you to bounce to
This is something for you to bounce to
This is something for you to bounce to

It's them niggas from the LBC
and we back with the stone cold mack
'cause the summer time bout to crack
Bud and the bitches come free
It's so lovely dippin wit the Dub G G'd up blazin weed up
Rollin wit a shooby doo
A nine at least let alone die in peace on the eastside
These niggas really keepin' it G
If they don't then they wount, fuck a hater nigga I keep a heat
I am P Soopafly bond to go double plat
Fuck a rat I'm a show you where the trouble at
Step to close I let the duce go strut off wit two hoes
Look how the juice flows
It's a party and the eyes on me
As I fall in with a small grin, talkin with the tall kain in my hand
I'm so cool, I swear I'm do that damn thang
So vicious with my champain bitches

Hook: [Warren G]
[Warren G]
G'd dub what's really crackin with you
I just signed with universal this game so personal
What's up with you and your boy Snoop
That's my dogg for life how you figure we ain't tight
What's up with 2-1-3
It's comin so start your tape that's runnin
They want to know is you keepin it G'd
As big Lou Dogg from 21st street
It's amazin how time flys
Some time I sit back and wonder why
Most people don't keep it tight
and most G'z don't G it right
and me I always bounce it right
Make you wiggle that ass till you get it right
Baby what you perkin for
Mo' bounce to the ounce if you wan't some more

Hook: [Warren G]

Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: JOHN MAYALL

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Use to jam this in my car in CALI

Juli Frd

almost 2020 still going crazy for this song


nate kicks the beat ! 1:16 - 1:50 c'est DU LOURD !!

San Pama

bro thats soopafly...but yea its badd as


@MegaDoggystyle1 remember when there werent digital speed detecters in your local neighborhoods powered by solar panels powered by the sun, and do you remember squeeze-its, ecto cooler slimer high c and pizzeria chips or all sport, and or when cartoons were good and when the radio wasn't filled with reggaetone and rap skills mattered, not flash? you remember when we were really young and them dpg boyz were the age we are now and life was basically good


What a classic summer banger!


oupss sorry is was soopafly also ! same thing he kicks it !!!! like atcq : CAN I KICK IT ? TELL ME YOUR ANSWER !! ;)

karizmah smith

wats up wit 213 its comin so strat ur tape decks runnin


The smoothest rapper in the business (bar none) then snoop after - not to forget my east coast brugh C.L SMOOOOTH.


@streetdeep whats wrong with it

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