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Got aesthetic universal saturation in the grip of the morning sun.

The creosote that erodes all the odors that lie dormant when the day is done.

Hop the dingle on the ferry takes you back to the dimension that's just begun.

Riding the crest of the communion to a union, Harry Truman is the holy son.

And he says...

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@pinsboy "Got aesthetic universal saturation in the grip of the morning sun" -might be talking about flash from the nuclear blast, and the bomb was dropped early in the morning

"creosote that erodes all the odors that lie dormant when the day is done" - ash and soot everywhere, 80,000 dead people is going to smell pretty bad

"hop the dingle on a ferry takes you back to a dimension that's just begun" - ferry on the Styx that takes the dead to the afterlife? New dimension is the newly nuclear capable world? I dunno

"riding the crest of a communion to a union Harry Truman is the holy son" - I don't know about the communion thing but Harry Truman was the president that ordered the bomb dropped. The holy son thing might refer to the fact that if someone can wave their hand and wipe out a city, they are not far off from being a God.

I don't actually know what I'm talking about. Probably over analyzing.

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Ween throws away better stuff than you'll ever create in the first place.

Cody Bennett

Strong agree

Humble Student

Last I heard they'd do 30+ songs a writing session and bust out the ones in the trash because they didn't fit in the final mix of that record.


Ween are so creative. There is never a time that I don't want to listen to them. They span so many genres; they're in tune with music. If I want to be goofy, there's a song for it. If I want to be serious; there's a song. If I want to relax; there's a song. I often wish I knew them, in real life. That would be a good time.

Super Cool Friend Skelly

this is a beautiful statement

James Croall

Right on, amigo...right on :)

Tahir Mukic

They're pretty much the Beatles on steroids. And a few other drugs as well.

John Saling

I agree with every word. Emphasis doesn't do my love for them justice

Dallas Landriault

They have a huge library. Remind me of The Dead in so many ways.


Shinola is a pretty damn impressive compilation/rarities collection. I've certainly been impressed by it's scope....all killer, no filler.

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