Wipers Lyrics

When ours was the land
We had a medicine man
He longed into the night
Then painted the desert skies
We should understand
The world as it stands
Wish you were here

When ours was the land
We gave the dust in the hand
We went to the sky
And wished this could be in ours eyes
Our story we left in the sand
We left it for the medicine man
Wish you were here
Oh yeah

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Comments from YouTube:

James Jacket

peace and melancholy...oh man Greg Sage guitar sound...


And this is a punk-rock guitarist my friends...

Rikki Smith

One of their best.

Michael Seawell

This is a very convenient kind of band because you don’t have to think about what music to take to a deserted island with you

Alexander Golke

Just imagine....Greg sage goes into a bar...and there sits Stuart Staples ,sipping Brandy.

Zoe Van Dyne

this band is my school

Jennifer Hively

Hey, thanks for uploading this in HD ;-))

Pablo Diecisiete


Renato Maffei

Listen to Wipers is like hanging out with a friend in the street