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by Wipers

You think I'm retrospective
Of someone you used to know
I think it's indecision
That leaves us a long way to go
But you say...
It's not that way...
Try to make amends
So it will never ends
You don't care about it
You don't care about it
You don't care about it
You don't care about it
But can't you see...
It's a mystery
I've always tried to wonder
How it must feel to be real
In one door out the other
Do you think it shows?

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Comments from YouTube:

Blake Boteler

this is a great band !!!1111!!!!

Lukas Redfield

Saw thme twice in amsterdam still best gigs of all time and i see 100 a yr for 35 yrs now

Sam Dinnan

One of my favorite songs ever. I said this on another song, but 2 minutes has gotta be the perfect length for a song. I could replay this all day.


Miss who you were

Mason 386

alright guys here a fun little story you might like. So I am 16 and I play guitar and have been for almost 4 or 5 years. I know a bunch of Nirvana, but I like to make up my own stuff. I really would like to be in a band and I have a best friend named Alex who fucking shreds his drums to bits, he is one hell of a drummer. Anyway I hope that when I do make music at least some people enjoy it. But I'm kinda scared, because everyone now a days likes rap or pop music, so I don't know if anyone would even listen. Tbh I could care less if anyone listens I just like making music.

Nick Belmont

You remind me of someone. I can't quite, o Yea me. Don't stop. Do it for as long as it keeps making you feel good. I still listen and play nirvana songs then play my own stuff and think ol Kurt would have approved. Never stop

Arthur Aguirre Jr.

Mason Christnagel do it. There will always be an audience for good music.

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